My World: “I Live For My Art”

I Live for My Art

Alain Gomez is a tattoo artist from Los Angeles, California. He lays down his ink at the Beautiful Truth Tattoo shop in the heart of Downtown L.A. Gomez draws inspiration from a variety of sources, whether it’s classic American tattoos or his Mexican roots. When he’s not hooking someone up with a sleeve or an intricate back piece, you can find Gomez trekking across L.A. on his bicycle.

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My World “My Hood”

My World “My W.O.D.”

My World “My Ride”

My World “My Grub”

My World: "La Mina's My Home"


My World: “La Mina’s My Home”

La Mina Brings Gold

Deep in East L.A. is City Terrace, California. This is where you find La Mina, a social arts collective that cumbia group La Chamba calls home. They get inspiration from their hood to write psychedelic licks for this Peruvian-inspired style of music.

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My World “My Club”

My World “My W.O.D.”

My World “My Ride”

My World “My Grub”

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