#mituFIT: Raw Vegan Myths Busted

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#mituFIT: Raw Vegan Myths Busted


Have a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle on Fruits & Veggies

It isn’t something she’s done all her life. In fact, it’s wasn’t something she thought of at all. Parties, cocktails and cigarettes were her priorities — that is, until a surgery made her kick all her vices at once.

Yovana Mendoza, better known as YouTube sensation Rawvana and spokesperson for #mituFIT, began her low fat, high carbohydrate raw vegan diet in January 2013. She had the same questions as everyone else. Can I live eating only fruits and vegetables? Is this healthy? How much will this change my life? The answers were yes, yes and only for the better. Here, Rawvana busts 11 of the most common myths about a raw vegan lifestyle.

Myth: I’ll be protein deficient.

Rawvana: This is the number one question I get! Where do I get my protein? I used to think, like most people, I couldn’t live solely on fruits and vegetables, that I would need meat for protein, but it’s not true. Fruit and vegetables contains protein. I eat bananas, oranges, persimmons, oranges, leafy greens, cauliflower and squash for protein.

Myth: The sugar intake from fruit is unhealthy.

Rawvana: All you hear is, “Cut down on sugar.” Because of that, a lot of people question the sugar content in fruit and worry there can be health consequences or that they’ll gain weight. First, sugar from fruit isn’t processed sugar like you put in your tea or coffee. That sugar is bad because it’s been refined and your body has a harder time processing it. Sugar from fruits is healthy and easily processed by our bodies since fruits have no fat and contain high water and fiber content. This combination allows your body to absorb it in a very gradual way that won’t spike sugar levels. It’s good sugar we need and the best fuel for the human body.

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Myth: I won’t get enough calcium.

Rawvana: Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form, without being cooked, is going back to basics, back to the way food was designed to eat. They have everything we need. Veggies with the highest mineral content and highest concentration of calcium are leafy greens like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce and chard.

Myth: I’ll get sick or become anemic.

Rawvana: It’s a common concern people have, that they can get sick, develop anemia or not have energy. The only supplement I take is B12, it’s essential for any diet. I get all my nutrients from fruits and vegetables. They are whole foods. They have everything our bodies need: fiber, water, minerals and vitamins.

Myth: I won’t have energy to exercise.

????Squats, ball throws, and ball slams all with a 10 pound medicine ball, 3 sets of each with 10 repetitions each. 7 am workout this morning on the #MituFit challenge! For the past 2 months I’ve been keeping the habit of going to bed by 10 pm, waking up at 6 am, and working out by 7. I’ve been feeling more energized, fresher, I’m able to do more throughout my day, and feeling in better harmony with my body. Amazing how small changes can affect your well being! #rawvana Wearing @dylninspired —————————- ????Ejercicios con pelotas de peso: sentadillas, tirar pelota, y aventar pelota hacia bajo, 3 sets de cada una con 10 repeticiones. Ejercicio a las 7 esta mañana en el reto #MituFit! Los últimos 2 meses he tenido el hábito de dormirme a las 10 pm, despertar a las 6 am, y hacer ejercicio a las 7. Me he sentido con más energía, mad fresca, me rinde mas el día, y me siento en más harmonía con mi cuerpo. Increíble como cambios pequeños afectan tu bienestar!

A video posted by Get INSPIRED & Lets Do This???? (@rawvana) on Mar 25, 2015 at 2:20pm PDT

Rawvana: I work out almost every day. Even on my rest day, I’m active and will go on a long walk. Since I normally workout in the morning, I’m not too hungry. I crave something super hydrating and refreshing like watermelon and coconut water. Any fruit before or after a workout will be great because it hydrates, releases sugar gradually into your body and gives you sustained energy. After my workout I usually eat fruit again or make a smoothie.

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Myth: I don’t have to drink as much water since fruit is hydrating.

Rawvana: You have to drink water. Your body loses water while you sleep. It’s important to hydrate as soon as you wake up. I drink a liter as soon as I get up and another three liters throughout the day, but do what your body asks for. I also recommend drinking a cup of warm water with lemon in the morning to help alkalize the body and aid the digestive system.

Myth: It’s too expensive to be raw vegan.

????????????Transformation Tuesday! A little over two years ago, from one day to the next, I made the decision to completely change my lifestyle. Daily smoker, drinker, and ate all kinds of unhealthy foods, I tried eating raw vegan for two weeks and felt instant changes, I felt God’s presence, joy from within, and clear mindedness that helped me to see the TRUTH????. The lifestyle I was leading was not only toxic for my physical body, but it was also keeping me from living my purpose! I am grateful for my past because it has made me the person I am today and don’t regret any of it. I am grateful to God showing me the way to stop numbing myself and showing me a new way to LIVE LIFE and live an ABUNDANT LIFE! It’s not easy to leave the past behind, but it’s the only way to EVOLVE! #MituFit ——————————– ????????????Martes de Transformación! Hace poco más de dos años, de un día para otro, tome la decisión de cambiar por completo mi estilo de vida. Fumaba, tomaba, y comía de todo, probé comer crudivegano por 2 semanas y sentí cambios inmediatos: la presencia de Dios, gozo que viene desde adentro, y claridad mental que me permitió ver la VERDAD????. El estilo de vida que llevaba no solo era tóxico para mi cuerpo físico, pero también me estaba impidiendo de vivir mi propósito! Estoy agradecida por mi pasado por que me hizo la persona que ahora soy, no me arrepiento de absolutamente nada. Doy Gracias a Dios todos los días por haberme mostrado una manera diferente de VIVIR la VIDA y una VIDA en ABUNDANCIA y dejar de adormecerme! No es fácil dejar el pasado atrás, pero si es la única manera de EVOLUCIONAR! #rawvana

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Rawvana: I’ve saved money. I don’t eat at restaurants as often, I’ve stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and don’t smoke cigarettes. That all adds up. You also need to know where to shop. Whole Foods can get pricey, where farmers markets are more reasonable. I also buy in bulk which means it’s cheaper. For example, I’ll buy 20 pounds of oranges for $8. That’ll usually last me a week. Also, get to know your your local farmers at the markets, introduce yourself, let them know about your diet and that you’ll be a repeat customer. Often, they will give you discounts since you’ll be a loyal customer. My favorite stands, they know me well.

Myth: Organic foods are still more expensive.  

Rawvana: A lot of people think they have to buy organic because otherwise it won’t be safe or have the same nutrients or it will be counterproductive to their health. In reality, you don’t always have to buy everything organic. It’s about knowing when to buy organic. There’s a chart called the “Dirty Dozen.” It shows you the top 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and the top 12 least contaminated. Here’s an easy way to remember. Anything where you eat the peel or leaf, like lettuce, apples, berries, pears, you want to buy organic. Anything where you remove the peel or it has a thick peel, like bananas, watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, oranges or carrots, it’s safe to buy non-organic.

Myth: I can be a raw vegan most the week and reward myself with a cheat day.

Rawvana: I definitely changed my perception of cheat meals. I used to eat healthy all week, then one day on the weekend, or for one meal, I ate whatever I wanted. I realized this “cheat” wasn’t really rewarding myself because I didn’t feel good after. Cheats are counterproductive; you advance so much, then you eat something bad and your body craves it again. It keeps you from moving forward. If you truly allow your body to detox, your body stops craving that food. Then you feel good all the time.

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Myth: Being a raw vegan is only about food.

Rawvana: Sleep is essential. For me sleep comes before food, before anything. The reason is we don’t function the same without sleep, our brains get slow, our energy levels go down. A lot of people are sleep deprived and need a caffeine kick to wake up. That’s not normal. What should be normal is to feel super refreshed, ready to take on the day after a night’s rest. If you are getting enough sleep, you don’t need to hit the snooze button. Sleep also affects the way you eat and your weight. When you haven’t slept enough, haven’t restored your body, your brain tries to replenish energy levels with food. We end up eating more and eating things with sugar for energy. It’s not the healthiest.

Myth: My social life will be over.

Rawvana: Honestly, my family and close friends don’t notice. At first it was strange, but now it’s normal. When I go to restaurants, I will order a simple salad. I also find other activities to do with friends like hiking, going to the farmers markets, vegan restaurants or the park. If I have a social event, like a wedding or party, I’ll eat before and take a snack, something light and not bulky that fits in my purse, like dates. When you’re comfortable with the way you’re eating, others will be. And if people have questions, I love talking about it.

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