#mituFIT: No Excuses! It’s Time for a Mind & Body Makeover

We created #mituFIT because we’re fat. OK, that’s not quite right and not very nice, but Latinos, like a large swath of the U.S. population, are overweight. Problem for us? Our obesity rate is higher than whites — 44.4 percent vs. 32.8 percent — and our rates for diabetes and stroke are also higher. Scary, yes, but it’s not a death sentence. Enter the #mituFIT Challenge, a wellness program to make yourself fit and have fun during the process.

What It Is

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#mituFIT Challenge is a body and mind makeover that’s as simple as getting up in the morning. All you need is the desire to get fit. Swap some meals for healthier options, and get moving with some basic fitness routines. The goal is to improve your fitness by summer, but it all starts with today.

Why You Need #mituFIT

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The numbers show the obesity rate for Latinos, both men and women, is higher than that for whites. Combine with being overweight and it jumps to more than 77 percent, according to a Trust for America’s Health report. 13.2 percent of Latinos over age 18 have diabetes compared with 7.6 percent of over-18 Whites, while Latinos, Mexican Americans in particular, suffer 43 percent more from stroke.

Running Out Front

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Helping to lead the #mituFIT Challenge is Yovana Mendoza, or “Rawvana” to you and me. Rawvana is a Mexican-American from San Diego and a raw food advocate. She studied at the Living Light Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and her aim is to “spread the message of health.”

How It Works

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The #mituFIT Challenge is designed to motivate you with easy routines for exercise, nutrition and overall wellness. The program runs from March to May and will feature daily challenges, videos and social media posts. Rawvana has solicited the help of some friends and influencers, who will also be taking the challenge to help motivate you every step of the way.

Who Is In

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The Pot of Gold

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What’s in it for you? Aside from feeling better, possibly dropping a pound or two and regaining your overall health, there is a prize — a trip to Mexico. To be eligible to win, you must do all challenges, take pictures and upload to social using #mituFIT.

The Timing of #mituFIT

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Now’s the time to get started on your health. While the program has been in the “warm-up” phase for the past couple of weeks, the challenge officially begins on Monday, March 16.

The Social Web

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Weekly videos in English and Spanish will air on YouTube with Rawvana. Influencers are sharing challenge acceptance videos to their Facebook pages and mitú’s Instagram will feature “swap-it” pictures. Recipes, exercises and more swap-its will be posted to mitu’s Pinterest while mitú’s Vine will provide an insider, behind-the-scenes look.

Stay Connected

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Swapping is an essential piece to #mituFIT because food is not only the fuel to your success, but the vehicle to get you through the challenge. With #mituFit you’ll learn to make small, but significant changes to your diet, such as swapping cinnamon tea for your morning coffee, or opting for carob powder instead of chocolate, even reaching for stuffed peppers instead of chips.


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Whatever you put in, you have to burn off. Exercise is another integral component of this challenge. Workouts will include simple sit-ups or squats, even jumping jacks, push-ups and burpees. It’s about movements that you can do anywhere.


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Where to Find #mituFIT

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