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Here are some of the awesome participants that have posted their success with our hashtag, #mituFIT, on Instagram. Get inspired to eat right and get fit.

Calorie Burning Machines


Our health expert, Rawvana, showed you a few easy-to-do exercises and you stepped up to the plate.


Building muscle is the best way to burn fat, just ask @sanxpinada.


Traveling and can’t get to the gym? Not a problem, try a quick jog around the block or a 5k.

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A little flamenco dancing is the fun way to burn calories.



Burn baby, burn those calories.

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Healthy Foodies


#frutita #desayuno #mitufit ??

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A little yogurt and fruit is the best way to get the day started.


Ditch the high calorie latte and try this delicious beet, orange, carrot and celery juice. Yum!


Ceviche de mango??

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Mango ceviche, anyone?

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Who needs chips when you can have this tasty snack. Perfect for a picnic.


Homemade hummus fit for a king.


Strawberries, avocado and cucumber with a mango and red bell pepper vinaigrette…yes!

Ready for Cabo? Be sure to register your email address here, and share your progress on your social media channels by using the hashtag #mituFIT. Good luck!

Meet the Sports Reporter Who's Reppin' Hard for Latinos in Los Angeles


Meet the Sports Reporter Who’s Reppin’ Hard for Latinos in Los Angeles

@Betovision / Instagram

This is Humberto “Beto” Duran.

He’s currently the Los Angeles Lakers reporter for Time Warner Cable Deportes in Los Angeles.

To his followers on social media, he’s much more.

The former paper delivery boy isn’t afraid to share his story on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. No feed-clogging score updates or play-by-play analysis here. If you follow him, it’s like following a close friend.

A close friend with access to big names and big events.

It’s all about selfies, candid pictures of athletes or giving fans an up-close look at players’ shoes and game attire.

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Beto also shares details about his life outside of sports.

Like his love for mariscos, Tapatio hot sauce and running.

Duran likes to say, “Si se pudo!” because he’s lived it.

The son of Mexican immigrants — the fifth youngest of seven siblings — Duran rose through the ranks to become a well-known sports reporter in the Los Angeles market.

He’s full of pride for his hometown and his roots.

A proud Mexican-American and mama’s boy, Beto won’t pass up posting a throwback Thursday pic of his days playing baseball in Carson, CA.

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And he’s willing to give back.

Duran, a father of two, can often be found in a classroom speaking to youth about what it takes to succeed — “ganas!”

He’s also the office prankster.

Beto enjoys giving his coworkers a hard time by poking fun of their singing.

Pero Beto no se agüita.

Duran was given his walking papers from ESPN radio in Los Angeles earlier this year. Instead of holding a grudge, Duran thanked the network for the opportunity.

He’s got plenty of fight left in him.

Duran dusted himself off and got to work. His role at TWC Deportes expanded and he picked up a gig as an announcer for Golden Boy Boxing.

What makes him a great follow on social media?


In case you need more reasons … he’s got pics of puppies.

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