Innate Evil: These Two Twin Girls Hacked their Parents to Death


It was the girls. The young twin girls. The young twin girls with two axes in the bedroom. But would anyone have guessed they had killer instincts? Dross explores the world of innate evil in his latest story from Dross’s Dark Tales of Terror.

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17 Photos of Adorable Kids in Costumes Just in Time for Halloween


17 Photos of Adorable Kids in Costumes Just in Time for Halloween

@ro_z713 / Instagram

Look, there’s no such thing as being “too old” f0r Halloween, but there’s no question that kids rule the day. A cute kid in a cool costume can instantly melt your heart. Prepare yourself for some cute overload.

Here’s a tiny Selena with little Chris Perez…

This Selena wants to show off her moves…

And this little Selena has her pose nailed down.


This little Frida Kahlo shines bright with radiant red flowers…


And this Frida Kahlo has her eyebrow game on point.


This tiny Frida isn’t afraid to share the spotlight with little Diego Rivera.

Credit: Mex & The City / Tumblr

La Chilindrina’s pigtails are just right…

And El Chapulín Colorado is ready for hammer time.

Here’s a whole crew from El Chavo del Ocho’s vecindad.


This little Lionel Messi is ready to juke you out of your socks.


And Memito Ochoa is ready to stop any shot that comes his way.

This Celia Cruz is ready to yell out “¡Azucar!”

Credit: kds_pr / MySpace

And this young lady shows she can proudly wear the Tapatío sombrero.


This little Dora the Explorer looks like she has no time for your nonsense…


While this Cantinflas looks like he’s ready to make you chuckle.

Nacho Libre and Esqueleto are all smiles…

And this tiny Chipotle Burrito is staying really warm.

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