Don’t You Dare: Episode 3

The Comedy Battle: Punchlines

After The Natural tells a joke that falls flat, JR Muñoz boasts that he is better at telling jokes. Out comes the Don’t You Dare Ball and the “comedic” rivals end up at a comedy club where they put their skills to the test in front of a live audience. But the funniest joke doesn’t come from Muñoz or the Natural. Find out what was said and who win this dare challenge.

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Don’t You Dare Episode 3

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Don’t You Dare: Episode 6


Don’t You Dare: Episode 6

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

When Josh accuses J.R. of being weak, J.R. dares Josh to take the CrossFit challenge with him. The guys head out to Metro Flex Gym to see who’s really got the goods. It won’t be easy: the guys will do some intense workouts, including sled pushes and tire flips. And you know it isn’t CrossFit unless someone brings out the sledge hammer. Spoiler alert: Only one of the guys will make it to the end.

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Don’t You Dare – Episode 1

Don’t You Dare – Episode 2

Don’t You Dare – Episode 3

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Don’t You Dare: Episode 5


Don’t You Dare: Episode 5

Cooking Lesson: Burger Challenge

After J.R. steals a taste of Josh’s dinner, he instantly realizes it was a bad move. Why? According to J.R., Josh’s cooking tastes like crap. Taking offense, Josh challenges J.R. to a cook-off. For this challenge, the guys will have to grill a delicious burger. Easy, right? Not quite — it’ll have to be vegan. Who will be creative enough to make a mouth-watering dish?

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