Don’t You Dare: Episode 2

Dance Floor Battle

Once Jorge sees Josh’s 7-year-old niece bust a move, he assures he’s a better dancer than both of them. They instantly dare each other and They head to a local dance studio to prove their dance skills in front of a crowd of brutally honest judges. Who’s better at twirling and pirouetting, Jorge or Josh?

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Relive Mexican Beauty Trends of the Last 100 Years


Relive Mexican Beauty Trends of the Last 100 Years

Dark brows and statement lips have been a staple of Mexican beauty for decades. Check out how those trends evolved in the last 100 years as modeled by Reyna Marquez for The Cut. How many of these looks did your mom and abuelita rock?

During 1910s, Mexicanas sought a hassle-free updo. The solution: a crown of braids.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

Dark shadows and red lipstick gave the 1920s a glamorous feel.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

In the 1930s, the heavy shadow was ditched to make for a more elegant look.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

Enter the 1940s and the birth of full brows.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

Movie star hair and winged eyeliner took over the 1950s.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

With the 1960s came the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and big, teased hair.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

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The 1970s saw less rigid and more tousled, playful hairstyles.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

A can of aerosol hairspray and lots of fuchsia makeup were essential in the 1980s.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

In the 1990s makeup crossed over to the dark side and the scrunchie became the accessory you couldn’t leave the house without.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

A slicked side part and intense lip gloss was everything in the 2000s.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

The 2010s are now the perfect combination of previous beauty trends: voluminous hair, bold lips and brows, and sultry eyes.

Credit: YouTube / The Cut

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