#mituFIT: Make Running a 5k Easy With Intervals

Cardio Workout Routine: 5k with Intervals

Don’t let a 5k scare you. Train and conquer  your cardio routine with Rawvana’s help. She’ll teach you how to breeze through by breaking up your run into five minute intervals. As an added bonus, she’ll show you mini workout routines to add between intervals so you burn calories and strengthen your entire body. Summer’s right around the corner so join the #mituFIT challenge!

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#mituFIT: Best of Instagram


#mituFIT: Best of Instagram

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Here are some of the awesome participants that have posted their success with our hashtag, #mituFIT, on Instagram. Get inspired to eat right and get fit.

Calorie Burning Machines


Our health expert, Rawvana, showed you a few easy-to-do exercises and you stepped up to the plate.


Building muscle is the best way to burn fat, just ask @sanxpinada.


Traveling and can’t get to the gym? Not a problem, try a quick jog around the block or a 5k.

WATCH: Make Running a 5k Easy with Intervals 


A little flamenco dancing is the fun way to burn calories.



Burn baby, burn those calories.

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Healthy Foodies


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A little yogurt and fruit is the best way to get the day started.


Ditch the high calorie latte and try this delicious beet, orange, carrot and celery juice. Yum!


Ceviche de mango??

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Mango ceviche, anyone?

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Who needs chips when you can have this tasty snack. Perfect for a picnic.


Homemade hummus fit for a king.


Strawberries, avocado and cucumber with a mango and red bell pepper vinaigrette…yes!

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#mituFIT: Healthy Carrot Cake Substitute


#mituFIT: Healthy Carrot Cake Substitute

Credit: mituLIFE/Youtube

Carrot Cake Recipe

Have a weakness for sweets? Try Rawvana’s raw vegan carrot cake recipe, you can have your cake and eat it too – without feeling guilty. She also teaches how to make guacamole-stuffed tomatoes you can prepare in a snap using vegetables and herbs. Check out her #mituFIT recipes above and join the #mituFIT challenge.

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