AyAyAy Witness News: Episode 6

To Catch a Creep

AyAyAy Witness News reports on issue weighing on the shoulders of ballroom dance competitors. Then, two investigative reports take interesting turns as the team talks to a drug kingpin snitch and catch an unsuspecting creep. Who will get arrested?

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Kap-G: Raza Rap from Atlanta


Kap-G: Raza Rap from Atlanta

@therealkapg / Instagram

When you listen to Kap-G’s heavy southern drawl, one thing is clear: he’s from the ATL. The proud Mexican-American grew up in Atlanta, home to Dirty South acts such as Outkast, Ludacris and T.I. Now he’s trying to reach their level.

He’s Already Been Called “The Future” by Pharrell


“Pharrell was saying I’d be the voice for the Mexicans. The Mexicans who work at the hotel, who do the housekeeping, who work in the kitchen… They gonna love you, cause you’re really speaking out for them,” said Kap-G in an interview with Buzzfeed.

He’s Only 19 and Already Has a Record Deal


Kap-G, who is signed to Atlantic, has tracks that run the gamut from hyped up & electronic to deliberate, Spanglish-infused anthems.

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He’ll Be in a Movie Theater Near You


Kap-G plays Fidel in Dope, a movie about music geeks trying to survive high school in Inglewood, California. Directed by Rick Famuyiwa, the film was produced by Pharrell and Forest Whitaker, and premiered at Sundance in February.

He Takes Spanglish Rapping to New Levels

In “Working Like a Mexican,” Kap-G shouts out football legend Tony Gonzales, Latino rock pioneer Ritchie Valens and Mexican soccer standout Jorge Campos:

I’m in that Honda 88, Tony Gonzales
You smokin’ me homes? Ay no mames
Hey, RIP to Ritchie Valens, la bamba
And if they don’t let us sing, then we gon’ conquer
And young migo kickin’ shit, Jorge Campos

Who else in the ATL has verses peppered with Mexican slang?

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He’s Already Got Collabos with Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and T.I.


Not to mention Fabolous, Kirko Bangz, Chief Keef, Spenzo and Young Dolph. His recently-released mixtape Like A Mexican features producers such as Pharrell, Kid Cray, Bangladesh and Drumma Boy. Check out the 15-track mix tape here.

He Keeps it 100. Neta, Güey

Credit: KapG / YouTube

He shot his music video, “Mexico Momma Come From” at a local Atlanta Mexican restaurant, Don Chon’s. They have bomb enchiladas.

He’s Not Afraid to Throw His Activist Hat On


Credit: Hustle Gang / YouTube

After the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Kap-G joined David Banner and T.I. on a remix of his song “La Policia” to include an homage to both.


Credit: Durtty Boyz / YouTube

He then joined T.I. on CNN to talk about his experience with racial profiling.

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He’s Always Showing Love to Fans


Here’s an impromptu meet-and-greet at a soccer field.


He’s always down for an autograph session. Here, he shows Instagram love to a guy who traveled for three hours and waited outside six hours to meet Kap-G in person.

He’s Got His Own Definition of the “American Dream”

Credit: Bpm Supreme / YouTube

Kap-G’s family immigrated to the U.S. before he was born. After settling in California, they moved to College Park, Georgia once Kap-G’s older brother got involved in a gang.

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He’s Invented a New Metaphor for Tacos

Credit: Atlantic Records / YouTube

The track “José Got Them Tacos” is a cautionary tale about not letting your “tacos” fall into the wrong hands. José, a “taco” ringleader, ends up serving time.

He Gave Up Basketball for Rap


A full-on Hawks fan – although LeBron is his favorite player – Kap-G stopped playing basketball because he was too short.

He Could Be Adding “Fashion Designer” to His Résumé


Kap-G sells hats, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees that say “Atlanta Vato” and “Que Pasa Homes” that range from $20 to $40. His designs are manufactured by Fortune Entertainment, an Atlanta-based label. He told The Hundreds: “If I wasn’t rapping I think I’d want to be something in fashion.”

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