Mitú has partnered with Yovana Mendoza, fitness and diet expert better known as Rawvana, to aid in the fight against obesity in the Latino community. In this 90-day to summer #mituFIT Challenge, Rawvana shares tips and tricks on healthier eating, getting into shape and finding the motivation to succeed.

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AyAyAy Witness News


Dolores Delano and Benito Camelo lead a team of intrepid reporters in AyAyAy Witness News as they explore the Latin perspective on pop culture and current events.

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Don’t You Dare (coming soon)

Don’t You Dare is an exciting, fast-paced, buddy comedy/action series revolving around the outrageous exploits of best friends and popular U.S. YouTubers, J.R. Munoz and Josh Santos (a.k.a. “The Natural”). In each episode, J.R. and Josh dare each other to do crazy, over-the-top stunts in an attempt to win bragging rights for the day.

My World


My World is comprised of slice-of-life docu-shorts shot and produced by Latino urbanites across the country. Episodes highlight experiences, passions, influences and personal connections to each city.

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No Cents


No Cents is a comedic digital series starring superstar Viners, Jay Mendoza and Oscar Miranda. This comedy duo come up with outlandish, “creative” ways to make a fast buck. Inevitably, their success in each episode is fleeting and it’s back to the drawing board more broke than ever. Will Jay and Oscar ever hit the jackpot?

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Pocho Joe & Silverstein


With LA as their backdrop, Emmy Award-winner and two-time HBO Def Poet Joe Hernandez-Kolski and internationally known beatboxer Joshua Silverstein combine to create an acerbic rhythm and flow that challenges the weekly news and what we see in our everyday lives.

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No Cents "Pirates"


No Cents “Pirates”


Jay and Oscar are as broke as ever and still on a quest to make some loot. After an awkward run-in with a dude selling pirated DVDs, they decide to try a little pirateria of their own. Although their salesmanship is solid, their merchandise isn’t exactly top notch. When that doesn’t work, Jay and Oscar get desperate for money, which leads to some questionable choices. Will they finally score some cash?

WATCH: Human Piñata

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