13 Vines that Prove Jay & Oscar Know Your Struggle

Being young and broke is tough, but luckily, Jay and Oscar of No Cents have a solid support system: each other. When you’re trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, it’s always better when your homie is there to back you up.

1. They Know GPS Isn’t Always Helpful

2. They Know That a Little Privacy is Always Nice


3. They Know That Visits to the Drive-Thru Are Different When You’re Broke

4. They Know that Sharing Earbuds Can Be Kinda Gross

5. They Know Latinos Can’t Resist Putting Their Spin on Things

6. They Know How Hot It Can Get When You’re Waiting for that A/C

7. They Know You’ve Got to Be Slick When You Come Up on Cash

8. They Know Restaurant Bathroom Keys are Getting Bigger and Bigger

9. They Know How Valuable Music Can Be When Working Out


10. They Know a Little White Lie Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody

11. They Know Getting Up in the Morning is Tough

12. They Know You’ve Got to Work Hard to Look Good for Summer

13. They Know Latinos Can Make Music Out of Anything

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