11 Worst People You Find at the Gym

We’ve encountered them all, unfortunately.

1. The #SwoleMates

How can you possibly get a good workout in — seriously?

2. The Inconsiderate, Unhygienic Pigs

Who does that? Wipe it down, please!

3. The Texter

Excuse me, summer is around the corner!

4. The Foul-Smelling Gym Rat


When someone’s stench hits your nasal canals.

5. Your Ex

#whenyouseeyourex #truth #hatethat #sostrange #allthosefeelins

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The last person you want to see while you’re under construction is an ex.

6. Los Chismosos

My #lunk wouldn't stop setting off the alarm. ?? #GymEtiquette #BadManners #HermHaters #Dubsmash #LunkAlarm @yvonnemarie_23

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If only they worked out as much as they gossiped.

7. The Producer

They record their workouts complete with a full soundtrack. I barely have time for a 20-minute elliptical.

8. The Girl in Full Makeup

If it’s not melting off, you’re not working hard enough.

9. The Grunter

Gross, we don’t need to hear you moaning!

10. The Narcissist

They hog the mirrors, flex, make odd faces and take countless selfies.

11. The Hogger

This ain’t no restaurant. No reservations allowed.

Have you worked out next to The Hogger, Stinky Gym Rat or worst? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below. 

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