Mom, Dad, This is How Technology Makes Us Amazing Humans

Technology is the best, seriously. But our parents just don’t get it. They think we sit at the computer all day because we’re lazy , but actually, sitting in front of the screen is probably as efficient as we get because here’s all the sh*t we’re getting done…

Job hunting, homework, and (helping you) pay bills.

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Efficiency at its finest. You may have had to walk around town passing out paper résumés door to door, but this is how we do it now. Get with the times.

There’s a reason I wasn’t taught cursive.

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Because, technology.

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It takes me less time to type, proofread, and send an email than it takes for you to handwrite your greeting.

We’re making sure the house is spotless.

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Of course, with a little help.

You could hire a full-time maid.

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But that’s what apps like HouseCall are for. I’m just creating jobs and building the economy.

Technology means you don’t have to cocinar.

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Why suffer with this?

Credit: nodnodwinkwink / Reddit

When Eat24 feels like this! Yum.

Love is just a right swipe away.

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You want me to get a man, right? It ain’t gonna happen sitting at la plaza like you used to.

Credit: fall-in-love-with-tequila / Tumblr

Or I can take love into my own hands.

Cyber Monday is a safer option than Black Friday, obvi.

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Yeah. You can totally keep that.

Credit: jdcole / Reddit

This is how I will be shopping for your Christmas gifts, mami.

Plus, technology is saving the environment.

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Why do phone books still exist? It’s called Google. Look it up.

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There you go!

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