Nothing Scared You More As a Kid Than Hearing Your Parents Say These Things to You

Our parents spoke to us in code when we were about to get in trouble. Luckily, we quickly learned how to decipher their secret phrases, like…

Vas a ver cuando lleguemos a la casa.

Credit: shakirayeah / Tumblr / NBC

The only thing we saw when we got home was exactly how much trouble we were in.

¿Quién te manda hacer pendejadas?

¿No te quieres cambiar?

La lengua se va a convertir en chicharrón.

¡Ven aquí María del Rosario Vargas Montoya!

A ver, pásame ese cinturón.

¿No tienes que ir al baño?

Credit: thatmessybitch / Tumblr / Disney

¡Aguas! This meant mom couldn’t wait till we got home and was about to drag us to the restroom… to give us un pellizcón.

¿A dónde crees que vas?

Espérate a que se vaya la visita.

Credit: channel60.pinkvulpes.net

We immediately did what we could to extend their stay or have our cousins sleep over, because we knew it was gonna be bad when they left.

But sometimes, words weren’t necessary…

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