Twitter Just Lost Its Sh*t Over #MACSelena

credit: eoffashion / Tumblr

Remember the #SelenaQuintanillaForMAC petition on

Well, it’s finally happening!

M.A.C. Cosmetics made the glorious M.A.C. + Selena announcement this morning.

This. Is. HUGE.

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Emotions ran high as fans rejoiced.

Let’s hope they carry a water-proof mascara.

Latinas everywhere realize the importance of the announcement.

And for some, 140 characters was not enough to capture the full excitement.

This announcement confirmed the faith of Selena fans.

We know how much it would’ve meant to the Queen of Tex-Mex.

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Bank accounts around the country will feel the impact in 2016.

Credit: @jacqncruz / Twitter

Like all of it.

M.A.C. will also feel the impact.

Like, for real, though.

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Fans already started pitching product names.

Credit: @dLEEmelchh / Twitter

Listen up, M.A.C.

Some parents couldn’t understand what the fuss was about.

But nothing can stop the pure jubilance.


And now, we wait.

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