13 Ways Mom Put Her Chanclas To Good Use

Because those chanclas weren’t just made for walking… ??

To Help You Start Your Day on the Right Foot

Mexican Moms be like!! #dejaTraigo#LaChancla #chancla #scary When You hear The word CHANCLA????

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To Swat Flies, Squish Silverfish and Chase all the Cucarachas 

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To Use It as Her Third Hand

LATINA MOMS BE LIKE ……. #Latinproblems #MemeMamaDeSusanoJose #Chancla ????

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You knew she didn’t only want to talk.

To Help You Ace Your School Project

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She’s so resourceful.

To Get Her Freak On

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To Make Sure You Don’t Leave the House Looking Like a Ratchet

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To Make Cowboy Boots More Practical During Hot Weather

Only on a Texas beach do you find boot-chanclas || #spi #chancla #flipflops

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To Stand a Little Taller

To Get Your Brothers to Stop Fighting

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To Train Her Dogs

And Help Them When They’re Teething

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Because she loves her babies.

To Show You She Loves You

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“Te pego porque te quiero.”

And to Obviously Discipline You

#tbt from when my mom used to lay that #chancla down

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These Gift For Mom Are The Perfect Way To Say You Love Her


These Gift For Mom Are The Perfect Way To Say You Love Her

Mom always says the same thing every year, “Don’t get me anything.” However, we also know that it is best to go ahead and get her something. First of all, it shows her that you love her so much. Second, if you have siblings, it makes you better than the rest.

Madre Orgullosa Mug | $14.99

Credit: mitú shop

The perfect gift for the loving and proud moms of LGBTQ+ children. Or get two for your moms and they can proudly sip their morning cafecito before getting to work. Que cute.

Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

A classic. We have seen this shirt and we love this shirt. We have also heard our mother scream this on Saturday mornings to wake you up and get you to clean. Trust us. Your mom is going to love this shirt. Buy it and find out.

Very Important Mujer T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

We love our moms and understand that this world would not work without her. Dad never knows where it is. You can never make your beans like hers. No one will ever fight to defend you like her. So, let her know how important she is by giving her this shirt as recognition of everything she does.

La Jefa Mug | $14.99

Credit: mitú shop

Like, what else do you need explained here. Mom is la jefa of the house. Anything she says goes and it is impossible to have it any other way. She is the one who makes the rules, enforces the rules, and keeps everyone on notice. Isn’t it great?

Best Amá Ever Mug | $14.99

Credit: mitú shop

Simple and powerful. Mom is everything. She gave you life, maintained your life, and is always there with advice when you are dealing with a serious issue.

Quiero Nietos | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Okay. This one is a little too much for some. However, imagine your mother’s joy when she unwraps this shirt for Christmas. Maybe this is how you tell her you are pregnant. Or you just give it to her to let her know that it is in your overall plan.

Pregúntale A Tu Papá T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Here’s the thing. Moms are the only ones who could find anything in the house. However, there are things that you need to ask your father for. Even in those moments, we go to our mothers and even they need a break from all of the family bothering them.

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Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral


Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral

Last week, California Polytechnic State University student, April Olvera posted a video sent to her by her mamá, and the video went viral, already wracking up nearly ten million views, and nearly one million likes in less than seven days.

Olvera, away at college, texted her mom, Silvia Dominguez, to say that she didn’t know how to fold a burrito, and her mom sent her a video that contained a soothing video-folding lesson.

While some couldn’t help but wonder why Olvera didn’t know how to fold a burro, her mamí’s special brand of cariño shown in the forty-second burrito-folding lesson was the focus of the comments that followed.

Other Latinas needed the lesson too!


Another Latina Twitter user, couldn’t get over the way Olvera’s mother, Silvia, repeated the lesson.


Two guys commented on Olvera’s mom’s soothing voice, but we think @carys_arsenic nailed it.


And this guy too who points out Ms. Dominguez’s calm in the face of a world that seems to be coming apart at the seams.


When Olvera told her mother that her video went viral and inspired so many positive comments, Dominguez said, “Maybe it’s not the burrito. Maybe it’s about family and love.”

Burrito-folding-lesson mom, Silvia Dominguez, speaks Spanish in the video, smiling the whole time, clearly happy to be able to help her daughter away at college with anything, using her own phone propped up on the counter to capture the lesson.

“Okay,” she says in Spanish, holding up a corn tortilla, “Imagine that this is my flour tortilla. Add what you’re going to use, fold it from this side, fold it from that side, and roll it. Did you see that?

And then she unrolls the burro and repeats the steps: It’s a circle. Fold it here, fold it here, and roll it. Nice! Okay, bye. I love you.”

We also like how Burrito-Folding-Lesson Mom is even helping grown-ass men.


And because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, here’s a video made by the author for her son on his way to college in the fall.

Watch the video below.

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