This Is The One Thing That Unites All Children Of Immigrants

If you’re the kid of immigrants or exiles, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed one particular ~quirk~ that unites us all, no matter where our families came from:


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You have napkins. All of the napkins.

Think about it. Look around your home. Your car. Inside your bag. There are napkins there, right? Well, you’re not alone, my friend.

Studies show* that, if you’re the offspring of immigrants, your car is 82% napkins.

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*(this is a lie)

Because how can you drink something if it’s not wrapped in napkins? I mean. It’s the civilized way.

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And you never know when you’ll need one. Or 872. So better keep a ton around.*

*Please note that this is also true for ketchup packets.

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Because “glove compartment” actually stems from the ancient term for “napkin house.”

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True fact.

You were trained in the napkin arts from a young age…

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…learning from true masters.

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I mean, why not? It saves money and ensures you’re clean and neat at all times.

And your desk? Is basically just a hotel for napkins.

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So next time you find yourself drowning in napkins, just remember: It’s cultural. And it unites us.

Now. Does anyone have a napkin I can borrow?

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