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This is How to Place a Bomb-Ass Order at Your Fave Mex Restaurant When You’re Counting Calories

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Mexican food is awesome for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. What’s not awesome is the amounts of lard, sodium and carbs it comes with.  Look, we’re aware it’s nearly impossible to say “No” to tacos and salsas and beloved margs…instead of skipping them all together, make these small tweaks and still enjoy your favorites off any Mexican menu.

1. Bye Bye Burritos

If you are saying adios to carbs, switch out your large flour tortilla burrito for a lettuce taco to keep your calories in check.

2. Juice Cleanse


#ByeFelicia to that fresa Fanta drink and exchange it for a refreshing agua de chia or cucumber agua fresca. Watch out for fruit-based waters – leave the azucar to Celia Cruz.

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3. Bean There, Done That


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We love carne asada as much as our Tío does, but don’t like is an increased risk of heart disease. Decrease your intake of red meat by opting for black bean in your tacos and burritos to provide your fill of fiber and vitamin B6.

4. Savory Salsas

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Red and green salsas are for #basics. Add a mango salsa, pineapple-habanero salsa or pico de gallo to your tortilla chips for some healthy hotness.

5. Explore the Exotic

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Are you fortunate enough to have Mexican restaurants in your city that showcase the local cuisine from states such as Oaxaca, Puebla, and Yucatan? Try some traditional dishes that will not expand your waistline, like mole verde (made with tomatillos) instead of the chocolate-based mole negro.

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6. Get Naked

Hold off on the nacho cheese and top your chips with chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, jalapeños and chopped onions instead.

7. Guac and Roll

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Dig into your guacamole dip with some corn tortillas instead of fried flour tortilla chips…and don’t sprinkle extra salt on the guac or chips.

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8. On the Rocks


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You don’t have to scratch off the happy in happy hour when it comes to margaritas. Ask for an on the rocks marg, no salt on the rim or premade mix — tequila, meet pure lime juice and triple sec.

9. Up the App Game

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Order fresh ceviche as an appetizer to share instead of filling up on tortilla chips and salsa.

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10. Down the Salad Hole

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Yes, you can order a tostada salad, but make sure you nix the tortilla shell. Don’t be tempted to nibble on it while your friend tells you the latest chisme.

What are your tips for choosing healthy Mexican food when eating out? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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