Moments Every Couple Who’s Been Together Forever Will Recognize

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that things change a little as time goes by. Many of these changes are awesome and comforting and great. And some are, well… kinda gross. (Especially when they involve the bathroom.) You’ll see what we mean:

You get to a point where you can communicate with only The Look.

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Valentine’s is actually OK when the other person knows EXACTLY what you want.


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You can totally be yourself!

…Like, every version of yourself.

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Your boundaries shift.

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Date night has a whole new meaning.

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You’re able to make big, important commitments together. 

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…But, oddly, not the little ones.

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You begin to figure out just how much you have in common.

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Because you eventually realize that romance doesn’t die… It just wants to chill for a while.

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Ah, love.

Whether it’s a romantic stroll on a beach or, years later, a romantic stroll through the Target aisle, it’s all pretty great.

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Are you in a long-term relationship right now? (Yes, even a relationship with Netflix counts.)

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