Things Your Latino Family Will Never Understand about Your Vegan Life

Being vegan or vegetarian in a Latino household is a struggle unlike any other. Mostly because you have to deal with this…

Abuelita acting like it’s the end of the world.


We get it. It’s hard to understand why we wouldn’t want to feast on these tacos de asada…


Or a tri-colored chicken burrito.


The hardest struggle? Dessert ?


Credit: @registeredfoodie/Instagram

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Once you’ve come clean, the news spreads like wildfire.

Followed by endless, annoying questions…


Eventually, you’re axed from all family parties. 

Credit: Funnyjunk.com

And when you DO get an invite… they coincidentally always run out of food for you.


Still, that’s not the worst part. 

Home cooked-meals cause gag reflexes.

Midnight snacks are a real disappointment.

Despite the shortcomings, there’s always one yummy veggie dish we master…


And there’s always tortillas, no matter how burnt.

Are you vegan or vegetarian living in a Latino household? Share your struggles with us below.

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