The Stages Of Having A Crush, As Told Through Soraya Reactions


Having a crush is the most fun experience in the world until… well, until it’s really NOT. Here are the common stages of having a crush on someone, as demonstrated by the best telenovela villain of all time, Soraya Montenegro:

It all starts when you notice a hot person for the first time:

Credit: Televisa / WiffleGif

Where have you been all this time?

You immediately try to avoid having a crush because you know it’s gonna f*ck you up for months:

Credit: Televisa / Foros Fotech

Yo me conozco and I know this is gonna end in bad fanfic and too much pink wine.

…But you inevitably develop a full-blown crush despite your best efforts:

Credit: Televisa / BreatheHeavy

Every. Damn. Time.

You then decide you need more info. You’ll need to do some ~online investigation~:

Credit: Televisa / mitú

Just some light sleuthing. Across every social media network they’re on. That’s all.

At some point, you’re 43 weeks in on your crush’s Instagram and accidentally like a picture:

Credit: Televisa / Makeagif

What have I done???

You get to a point where you can’t stop talking about your crush:

Credit: Televisa / BreatheHeavy

And your poor friends are honestly so tired of it.

And now you can’t even stand to see other people talking to them:

Credit: Televisa / Rebloggy

Why’s that girl liking every Facebook post????????? This thirsty sinverguënza.

You start overplaying your hand, laughing every time your crush makes a semi-funny joke:

Credit: Televisa / GagaDaily

Hahahaha that stupid pun is HILARIOUS, please make out with me, hahaha!

You begin to embrace alternative methods of flirting:

Credit: Televisa / Tumblr / alberab94

I mean, it’s good to have options.

And you finally land a date, but… something’s up:

Credit: Televisa / PureAnarchy

Can’t quite put my finger on why things feel different now…

Then your crush begins texting you. A lot. And you get annoyed:

Credit: Televisa / Tumblr / alberab94

Omg, why can’t they just chill?

And you realize that a crush and a commitment just aren’t the same thing:

Credit: Televisa / mitú

Need more “me” time. Forever. Sorry.

You’re now officially over it. And on to the next:

Credit: Televisa / Rebloggy

Oh well!

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Can you think of any other stages? Let us know, and remember to like us on Facebook. Not because we have a crush on you or anything. Teehee.

Just In Time For Selena's Birthday MAC Is Giving Us All A Sneak Peek At The First Lipstick Of The MAC + Selena Collection


Just In Time For Selena’s Birthday MAC Is Giving Us All A Sneak Peek At The First Lipstick Of The MAC + Selena Collection

@maccosmetics / Instagram

Last June, Selena fans received a gift from the Tejano gods when MAC Cosmetics announced they were working on a Selena Quintanilla makeup line. Fans went nuts, but today’s big news is too much to handle: We just got a a sneak peek of one of her lipsticks and fans are getting lit.

Selena fans everywhere have been waiting for proof the MAC + Selena is really going to happen.

Credit: @anything4selena / Twitter

^^ ALL of us IRL.

Well today, MAC gave us our first piece of evidence that La Reina’s makeup line is within reach.


Credit: @maccosmetics / Instagram

@SelenaQOfficial’s vivacious music and style lives on through the passion of her fans and her impact on Latin beauty and culture,” MAC wrote with the preview. “#MACSelena is a makeup collaboration inspired by the devotion of all those who continue to be touched by the young legend, tenderly curated with Selena’s own sister, Suzette Quintanilla.” ???

People are crying tears of joy over the big news.


Credit: @ChelseaEstr3lla / Twitter

While bank accounts everywhere are getting ready to be drained.

Credit: @angelamariebm / Twitter

*gets credit card ready for pre-sales*

Did we mention that the name of the lipstick is “Como La Flor.”


Credit: @KaetlynnButler / Twitter

And, best believe, we are ALL waiting for a Caca Bustier Brown and Disco Jumpsuit Purple. ?

The shade of red couldn’t be more perfect.


Credit: @myxlox / Twitter

Finally, there is a perfect gift to get your girlfriend, or boyfriend. Selena doesn’t judge.

Credit: @_chismosa_ / Twitter

Basically, Latinos everywhere need to prepare to gift the sh*t out of this makeup line.

Credit: @x0kimrivera / Twitter

On an unrelated note, maybe we should all start buying MAC Cosmetics stock before Selena’s makeup hits the shelves.

And if there is one thing Latinas know, it’s that there is ALWAYS room for more makeup, especially SELENA makeup.

Credit: @buffysaidthis / Twitter

Even if all you want to do is look at it with love and admiration for La Reina De Tejano.

Credit: @Ayee_Jay / Twitter

Someone lock down our wallets while we wait for October.


Credit: @OnlyElissaWould / Twitter

Let’s just take another moment to see just how perfect that damn color is for Selena lipstick!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.52.51 AM
Credit: @alexusmorisette / Twitter

On point, MAC!

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