The Stages Of Having A Crush, As Told Through Soraya Reactions

Having a crush is the most fun experience in the world until… well, until it’s really NOT. Here are the common stages of having a crush on someone, as demonstrated by the best telenovela villain of all time, Soraya Montenegro:

It all starts when you notice a hot person for the first time:

Credit: Televisa / WiffleGif

Where have you been all this time?

You immediately try to avoid having a crush because you know it’s gonna f*ck you up for months:

Credit: Televisa / Foros Fotech

Yo me conozco and I know this is gonna end in bad fanfic and too much pink wine.

…But you inevitably develop a full-blown crush despite your best efforts:

Credit: Televisa / BreatheHeavy

Every. Damn. Time.

You then decide you need more info. You’ll need to do some ~online investigation~:

Credit: Televisa / mitú

Just some light sleuthing. Across every social media network they’re on. That’s all.

At some point, you’re 43 weeks in on your crush’s Instagram and accidentally like a picture:

Credit: Televisa / Makeagif

What have I done???

You get to a point where you can’t stop talking about your crush:

Credit: Televisa / BreatheHeavy

And your poor friends are honestly so tired of it.

And now you can’t even stand to see other people talking to them:

Credit: Televisa / Rebloggy

Why’s that girl liking every Facebook post????????? This thirsty sinverguënza.

You start overplaying your hand, laughing every time your crush makes a semi-funny joke:

Credit: Televisa / GagaDaily

Hahahaha that stupid pun is HILARIOUS, please make out with me, hahaha!

You begin to embrace alternative methods of flirting:

Credit: Televisa / Tumblr / alberab94

I mean, it’s good to have options.

And you finally land a date, but… something’s up:

Credit: Televisa / PureAnarchy

Can’t quite put my finger on why things feel different now…

Then your crush begins texting you. A lot. And you get annoyed:

Credit: Televisa / Tumblr / alberab94

Omg, why can’t they just chill?

And you realize that a crush and a commitment just aren’t the same thing:

Credit: Televisa / mitú

Need more “me” time. Forever. Sorry.

You’re now officially over it. And on to the next:

Credit: Televisa / Rebloggy

Oh well!

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