The 5 Most Confusing Compliments From Your Abuelita


We don’t doubt that our abuelitas love us and truly want the best for us, but goddamn. They’re all about sending mixed signals. Here are the 5 classic and confusing Abuelitaisms that we’re most likely to hear when we’re “complimented” by our abuelas:

On your truly unbelievable beauty:

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Ok, but see the thing is that I’m adorable all the time.

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On the evils of gossiping:

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So chisme — the most important and revitalizing thing in the entire world — is only wrong when I do it. Got it.

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On your dating life (or lack thereof):

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Well, damn. Maybe I don’t like them!

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On this new generation of young ladies:

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Is this an insult, or…?

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On being both too fat and too thin for her taste:

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Wait. What?

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Did your abuelita have any words of wisdom that haunt you to this day? Share below.

9 Times You Feel #Blessed For Knowing Both English And Spanish


9 Times You Feel #Blessed For Knowing Both English And Spanish

Credit: Fox Sports / mitú / Facebook

Making fun of my accent? Bish please, I’m bilingual.

When people don’t think you’re Latino and they talk shit behind your back.

Credit: sugarsleepy / Tumblr

Surprise b*tch, guess who else understands Spanish?

Or when you have to say something, but didn’t want others to know what you’re saying.

Credit: OITNB / Netflix / fxck-nadira / Tumblr

Spanish becomes your secret shade language.

When this happens:

Credit: Fox Sports / mitú / Facebook

You’re the first one to laugh because everyone is still reading the text ?.

When you realize you and the taquero speak the same language.

Credit: @wearemitu / Instagram

And he usually gives you the special treatment.

When you visit a Spanish speaking country.

Credit: Chelsea Lately / E! / dramaqueensurlesbords / Tumblr

It’s easier for you to fit in…and not get ripped off.

When you’re making more money because you speak Spanish.

Credit: hisaluthola / Tumblr

Mo’ languages, mo’ moneyyyy ?.

When you can sing the entire song, Pitbull AND J.Lo’s part.

Credit: fiercegifs / Tumblr

And everyone else is like woiejlk asldkfj lakdjf.

When watching soccer is so much more entertaining because the announcer is a million times more passionate.

Credit: frankdeath / Tumblr

Same goes for telenovelas.

When you use it to pick up on someone.

Credit: astrologicalbae / Tumblr

Because mi cielo sounds so much better than bae.

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