The 5 Most Confusing Compliments From Your Abuelita

We don’t doubt that our abuelitas love us and truly want the best for us, but goddamn. They’re all about sending mixed signals. Here are the 5 classic and confusing Abuelitaisms that we’re most likely to hear when we’re “complimented” by our abuelas:

On your truly unbelievable beauty:

Credit: mitú

Ok, but see the thing is that I’m adorable all the time.

Credit: VH1 / WeHeartIt

On the evils of gossiping:

Credit: mitú

So chisme — the most important and revitalizing thing in the entire world — is only wrong when I do it. Got it.

Credit: Logo / NewNowNext

On your dating life (or lack thereof):

Credit: mitú

Well, damn. Maybe I don’t like them!

Credit: Fox / SMHMeansWhat

On this new generation of young ladies:

Credit: mitú

Is this an insult, or…?

Credit: NBC / The Odyssey Online

On being both too fat and too thin for her taste:

Credit: mitú

Wait. What?

Credit: TBS / Giphy

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Did your abuelita have any words of wisdom that haunt you to this day? Share below.

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