Your Survival Guide to VidCon

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First, Congrats! You Got a Ticket!

VidCon Survival Guide
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Lucky you! You got a ticket before they sold-out. Now you don’t have to sit at home watching on your iWhatever crying.

Register as Early as Possible

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The lines are gonna be looooooong.  Get it together early: go online and print out your QR code to make registration go as quickly as possible.

Skip the Cafecito, Go Red Bull

No sleep at VidCon
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You’re not at VidCon to sleep are you? Nope, sleep is for the people who couldn’t get a ticket, so get thee some Red Bull and vámonos!

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Once you get your badge, treat it with the respect it deserves because if you lose it you may not be able to get a replacement and then everyone will be like, “so sad, too bad,” but not really mean it.

Have a Plan of Attack

Made my schedule for #VidCon. Who else is going? Let’s hang! ?? A photo posted by angelasauceda (@angelasauceda) on

No excuses on this one. The VidCon agenda is online. Plan out your schedule ahead of time so you don’t run around like a chicken with your head cut of going, “OMG! Where am I going? What am I doing?”

Follow Anyone You Care about on Twitter

Room changes? They happen and sometimes the only way to stay updated is via Twitter.

Bring Juice for Electronics

Of course you will want your cell phone and camera, but do NOT forget to carry your chargers and back up batteries with you because what if you run into someone IMPORTANT and can’t take a selfie? That would be tragic.

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Dinero, as in Cash, is a Must

Do you want to buy merchandise in the expo hall or overpriced food? Then you best have some cash on you because at VidCon cash is king and plastic not so much.

Be Prepared for Tears and Squeals

Some fans just can’t hold back the tears when they get to see their favorite YouTubers in the flesh. Bring tissue if you think this might be you.

You Will Need Snacks and Water

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No, for reals you don’t want to get HANGRY and dehydrated while waiting in lines or listening to panels. Pack some protein rich snacks and water in your bag because you will need them.

Prom Attire is Necessary

Throwback to #vidconprom. One of my favorite parts of VidCon. Everybody just let loose! I love the youtube community. A video posted by Camilla Iluna (@camillailuna) on

For the most part you can wear whatever you want and anything goes, but keep in mind that there will a VidCon Prom the last night where “formal attire is encouraged but not required — though some form of attire is definitely required.”

The Day after VidCon is Disney Day

Are you at Disney Day? Come to the castle for the group picture

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Put on your VidCon T-shirt and head on over to Disneyland the day after the conference. This year between 1:00 and 1:30 pm inside California Adventure in the Paradise Park area at Disney Day VidConners will meet for a group photo.

What do you think is the most exciting part of VidCon? mitú wants to know. Share in the comments below. 

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