Stages of a Breakup Men Go Through, But Don’t Talk About

How Men Really Deal With a Break Up

Everyone always talks about the heartbreak a woman goes through when she splits with her man, but men get their feelings hurt too. As much as they try to show a tough exterior, they cry like babies at home, they don’t shower, they get wasted at bars and more. Qbanguy documents the stages of a man’s break-up and how his homie tries to pull him from his funk… by keeping his ex busy.

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Fans In Holland Show Love to a Mexican Soccer Star


Fans In Holland Show Love to a Mexican Soccer Star

Mexican soccer star Andres Guardado has found a home at PSV Eindhoven of the Dutch pro league. After several ups-and-downs during his time in the Spanish league, the 28-year-old was loaned to PSV where his standout performances have made him a fan favorite. PSV is doing so well this season they’ve virtually locked up the league championship.

Guardado, who is “owned” by Spanish team Valencia CF, is only on a one-season loan, which means he could be leaving PSV to rejoin Valencia. PSV fans do not want Guardado to go, so they’ve gone the extra mile to show how much they want him back.

This weekend, during a recent league match, a section of fans created a mosaic with the colors of the Mexican flag to show their appreciation for Guardado.

Credit: PSV Support / YouTube

They also hung huge banner:


It reads: “Andres Guardado nuestra aguila de Oro Mexicana. Tiene que estar en el PSV Eindhoven. Nuestra casa es su casa.” That’s love.

Guardado called it the “most beautiful thing he’s ever experienced on a field.”

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It’s not the first time Guardado has received an ovation from PSV fans.


Credit: PSV Support / YouTube

They’ve created a chant for Guardado that’s sung to the melody of “Cielito Lindo.”

Will Guardado stay?

Guardado says he’s happy at PSV and hopes he can stay, but he understands the decision is not in his hands.

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