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SoCal Style Burritos

Carne Asada Burrito Guzii Style

You don’t have to go to San Diego to stuff your face with a California-style carne asada burrito. El Guzii gives you a taste of his hometown with this California burrito recipe that has three main ingredients: beef, cheese and french fries. Yes, FRENCH FRIES. No beans, no rice. That’s how they roll in San Diego. And it works. El Guzii shows you how to marinate your meat just right, how to make some fresh pico de gallo and which condiments will take your burrito to the next level. And remember, don’t go easy on the beef!

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11 Times Family Game Nights Went Wrong


11 Times Family Game Nights Went Wrong

Credit: @thebookglow / Instagram

Family game night always sounds like a good idea until you throw cerveza into the mix. Halfway through the night you remember your family is a bunch of competitive-crybaby-yelling-cheaters. Here’s game night, Latino Edition.

Count on parents letting loose.

Shots and a spinning roulette wheel: the only two things you need to get the party started. And hear your parents scream like primates.

…and cheating.

Life was hard for them, they want these wins.

There will be a sore loser.

Losing was never easy when you were little. You’d cry. You’d throw a tantrum and Mamá was always there to coach you on good sportsmanship. But now that you’ve grown up, Mamá isn’t too thrilled the tables have turned on her — literally.

Someone may have to strip.

Tía, is that really necessary for charades?

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Volume has not limits.

Gloria got a Yahtzee! I can’t believe it! I haven’t ever seen anyone really get a Yahtzee! We were screaming for, like, ever! I guess that’s why the neighbors called the police.

You may find abuelita is not so she when it comes to dirty talk.

I guess the coolest thing about playing Cards Against Humanity with Grams is all the fun, new stuff you get to teach her. You’re never too old to learn something new.

Someone will take things way muy seriously.

Sometimes, you’re the only sane person in a family of bloodthirsty Monopoly players. That’s when you turn to your buddy José to help you get through the night — José Cuervo, that is.

 Say whaaa? Spanish and English fly out the window in favor of noises.

Nothing starts a family feud like a game of Parcheesi. They get so riled up we can’t understand a word they’re saying.

The sh*t talking starts way before the game playing.

Has there ever, in the history of time and space, been a Monopoly game that did not start with an epic battle to determine who gets which token? The answer is never.

Then there’s the one famly member that can’t hang…no bueno.

Sometimes you just gotta cut ’em off, you know? From the liquor and the games. Like Nacho, who literally can’t even sit up straight, yet still wants to play poker.

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