Damn, Siri, Do You Even Chill With Latinos?

By now, everyone knows Siri threw shade when Aaron Paul asked her to divided 0 by 0. mitú wondered what she’d say when asked about tacos, rancheras and fútbol. Yes, we went there.

1. Do you like tacos?

Who are your sources? They definitely go better with micheladas.

2. Do you like Mexicans?

What?! What’s not to like?

She even avoided the question in Spanish.

3. Are you sad about the end of Sábado Gigante?

We’re definitely not OK.

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4. Who’s your favorite Latina singer?

How do you not? Selena, J.Lo, Thalía, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Leslie Grace, SELENA…

5. Who’s your favorite actor from Magic Mike XXL?

Can’t really blame you, Siri.

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6. What’s your favorite Mexican soccer team?

?! Newsflash: Not everything that is Spanish-speaking lives in Mexico.

7. Are you a Chicharito fan?

Guess she’s trying to be unbiased.

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8. Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

The real answer’s here…

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9. Do you like mariachis?

Oh, c’mon! Who doesn’t love mariachis?

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10. Where is Tupac hiding?

Please let us know ASAP, we’re dying to find out.

11. Why are Latina moms so loud?

No, it’s not OK. And we’re sick of it.

12. Do you like dancing bachata?

Her style is more jarabe tapatío. We dig it.

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13. Do you agree with Donald Trump’s allegations?


What bizarre answers have you gotten from Siri? mitú wants to know. Share in the comments below or share your answer on social media using #mituAsksSiri.

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