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5 Signs a Girl Likes You

It’s always easy to tell when a girl likes one of your friends. What happens when you’re trying to figure out if a girl likes YOU? It becomes nearly impossible tell, but guess what? There are a bunch of signs your crush may be sending your way you’re completely ignoring. It’s time to get out of your head and listen to Josh, who gives you five of the most obvious signs that a girl is into you — YES, YOU.

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Here's What Went Down at Fiesta de la Flor - Days 1 & 2


Here’s What Went Down at Fiesta de la Flor – Days 1 & 2

fiesta de la flor

More than 50,000 fans celebrated Selena Quintanilla at the Fiesta de la Flor in Corpus Christi, Texas. Fans endured storms and even a tornado warning to honor the Queen of Tejano music, who was killed 20 years ago.

The line to get into the festival was insane.

Some estimated it to be a mile long.

Still, everyone was muy, muy excited!

#FiestaDeLaFlorCC So many goosebumps!

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The festival opened with a special guest.

La Fea Más Bella star, Angelica Vale, cut the festival ribbon and emceed.

There was plenty to do before the performances.

Arts and crafts, games and carnival food.

But the show-stopper was Selena’s music.

Mashups of Selena’s performances played in between sets and hyped up the crowd even more.  

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Las Fenix were one of the first to hit the stage.

Just the beginning #family #fun #LIVE #Texas #fresh #vacation #dothemost #fiestadelaflorcc

A video posted by Joseph Manda Estrada (@mandajoseph5) on

The female band made of five sisters sang a slew of Selena songs… and the crowd loved it.

Los Lobos followed up.

Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan, soy capitan #FiestadelaFlorCC #LosLobos #LaBamba A video posted by Katherine Montelongo (@katherineenicolee) on

The Grammy awarding-winning Chicano band from Los Angeles mixed it up with rock and cumbias.

Then Mother Nature made a special appearance.

The mayor of Corpus Christi was forced to call off the festival due to severe weather leaving fans without the special screening of the movie Selena that was supposed to close out day 1 of the festival.

Still, fans would do it all over again.

Because everyone knows these fans do “anything for Salinas.”


Before the festival, the Quintanilla family held a press conference.

Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla cleared up that there wouldn’t be a Selena hologram. He explained the project spearheaded by Avrovert LLC goes far beyond just a three-dimensional image and is a new type of technology that would “clone” Selena’s voice.

As expected, day two had a bigger turn out.

Some fans waited four hours just to get tickets.

Performances kicked off with Chicas Rock.

Clarissa Serna then took the stage.

The Corpus Christi native and The Voice Season 6 contestant had everyone talking about her Selena mashup performance. Making her performance extra special was the guitarist on the right doing a killer hair flip. Yep, Chris Perez joined her set.  

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Nina Diaz followed up and got the crowd moving.

Dance! #FiestaDeLaFlorCC @ninadiazmusic A video posted by Fiesta de la Flor (@fiestaflorcc) on

No doubt she learned some of those dance moves from Selena.

A few clouds started rolling in during Stephanie Montiel’s performance.

Rain and heavy clouds didn’t stop the Tejano superstar from giving the crowd the cumbias fix they were craving.

Then it started pouring.

Soaking wet and cold…because anything for Salinas!

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Once again, Selena fans had to pause their celebration. The rain was so severe, American Bank Center opened its doors to help festivalgoers stay dry.   

But the festival resumed and stronger than ever.

@chrisgperez1 @chrisperezrockers This guy is incredible! #FiestaDeLaFlorCC #SelenaForever A video posted by Fiesta de la Flor (@fiestaflorcc) on

Chris Perez brought the rock and roll to the stage performing some of Selena’s songs as well as his own.

Chris and Suzie Quintanilla stopped to meet a few admirers.

I freaked out when he came to the fence! @chrisgperez1 #fiestaDeLaFlorCC #CorpusChristi

A photo posted by ????????Brittney Arellano???????? (@lilwhirlwind) on

Fans were definitely feeling the love.

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The festival saved their best performers for last.

@abquintanilla3 bringin’ la cumbia!! #FiestaDeLaFlorCC

A video posted by Fiesta de la Flor (@fiestaflorcc) on

After Tejano Jay Perez performed, A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings took the stage and the crowd went WILD.

But before the night ended…

The entire Quintanilla family got on stage to thank all of Selena’s fans for their continuous support. They also had a special gift for one lucky fan.

Almost time to announce the winner of this signed Selena guitar! A photo posted by Selena Quintanilla Official (@selenayld) on

The Gibson guitar was autographed by everyone who performed at Fiesta de la Flor as well as Selena’s family.

Fiesta de la Flor then brought everyone to tears.

The sun has come down on #fiestadelaflorcc but Selena’s memory lives forever!

A video posted by Kristian Thompson (@kristianthompson_) on

The festival closed with a bang – footage of Selena’s last concert played on screen and fireworks lit the sky.

If you missed it, don’t worry.

The festival will be back and bigger than ever next year. It was announced Fiesta de la Flor would become an annual event with next year’s festivities taking place on May 6–7. Get your Selena gear ready!

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