She Says, “I Want to Move In.” He Thinks, &%$*#@!

What Guys Think When Their GF Wants to Move In

Girls, thinking about getting serious with your BF? Like, moving-in-with-him serious? Well, he might freak out when you say: “We should move in together.” Why? Because he’s probably afraid that you’ll be psycho, bitchy or NEEDY. DavidAlvareeezy breaks down all the crazy thoughts that go through a guy’s head when his GF wants to shack up.

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#mituFIT: Healthy Snack Alternatives

Food & Drink

#mituFIT: Healthy Snack Alternatives

#mituFIT: Swap That! Eat This!

Coffee, chocolate and chips are three snacks we crave constantly, but they’re far from being healthy. Rawvana shows you three substitutes that will help you change your eating habits and give you the fuel that you need to stay fit. First, a soothing cinnamon tea that will energize you and help you start your day without giving you the jitters. Second, dates covered in carob powder and coconut that will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re craving something salty, Rawvana has you covered with some delicious stuffed peppers.

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