In 7 Steps This Cholo Teaches You How To Make Candy Roses

Who knew spending 8 years in prison would take Scar from tough street cholo to a Pinteresty, candy-rose maker. Scar learned how to make the flowers out of hard candy to send to his loved ones so they knew he was thinking of them. Awwwwwww, right?! Now you can melt the hearts of your friends too…

Set Up

What You’ll Need:

•Hard Candy – Scar prefers Jolly Ranchers.

•Hot Water – You can place it in your mom’s Tupperware.

•Elote Stick – Be sure you save the sticks from the elotero.

•Ribbon – Scar likes collecting streamers from bautizos and quinceañeras.

•Sheets of Plastic – to wrap the rose.

•Cup – In prison, Scar used empty toilet paper rolls.

•Gloves – These came from those who worked in the maintenance departments.

Place the elote stick in the empty cup with the pointy part of the stick facing up.


In prison, Scar’s friends would save popsicle sticks to give to him.

Drop the candy in the hot water for a few minutes.

Hot Water

Be sure the water isn’t too hot. Scar recalls the first time he tasted a candy rose was when his cell-mate overheated the rose he was making. The petals were drooping and he handed it to Scar.

“I will never forget the first time I ate one. You have to remember no one makes them to eat. We make them to sell because they’re such a luxury. When I started licking it, it cheered me up so much. It made me forget I was in prison. I remember everyone in prison was staring at me because they couldn’t believe I was eating one. It cheered me up so much.”

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Once the candy is soft, open the wrapper and press the candy until it’s flat.

Pressed Candy

The first time Scar made candy roses, he sent a bouquet out. He surprised his mom, baby mama, his kids, nieces and nephews with their own rose. Scar says he would sometimes give up his food to save money to buy the candy. For him, it was worth the sacrifices because he knew how unexpected and special these surprises were to his loved ones.

Wrap the candy around the stick. And repeat.


“I had to show my loved ones that even though I’m away, I care. It’s like giving someone a bouquet. You do it to try to show them you appreciate them.”

Take a green candy and layer it as the rose’s leaf.


“Everyone in prison does something different. Some make necklaces, other make furniture out of wooden sticks. There’s so much craft that goes on in prison. It’s like a Martha Stewart convention.”

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Finally, wrap your rose in the plastic wrap and seal it off with a ribbon.


¡Y sas! You’re ready to swoop your loved ones off their feet with this candy flower?…

Watch Scar’s DIY, here:

Don’t forget to spread the love like Scar did with his daughter, Eva.


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What Latinos Would Do If They Had the Force of 'Star Wars'


What Latinos Would Do If They Had the Force of ‘Star Wars’

La fuerza is too strong on Twitter. Seriously. Here is what some people would do if they were given the almighty gift of The Force. And honestly, can you blame them?

People would use it for practical purposes, like blocking mami from their social media pages.

Do you really want her to see your drunken weekend after your last final? Didn’t think so.

Or to lose weight.

Me: *focuses real hard to make mi panza disappear before Christmas*

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Getting through the work week would be a breeze.


The force? Tequila? Whatever it takes to make it to Friday.

A few would use it to make the world a better place. ??

It’s a win-win situation.

Studying for your finals? The force would have your back.

Because praying for an A is so 2005.

It can be the Atkins substitute you’ve been waiting for.


No gym. Just the force.

Now this is a use of the force all Star Wars fans can agree on.

Imagine being able to silence all the spoilers out there just with your mind. #signmeup

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Does it really work on matter of the heart? You never know till you try.

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Nothing sucks more than stand still traffic in the morning.

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Sorry ’bout your luck, bruh.

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When living in a world (or a day) without coffee… The force would give you that much-needed boost.

Let’s hope the force is enough to get you through the day.

Getting back at your boss would be super easy.

Just make sure they don’t know about your hidden skill.

What would you do if you had the force on your side? Share this story with your friends and see what they need the force for.

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