11 Answers To Shut People Up When They Ask You Why You Are Still Single

Being single isn’t a bad thing — trust us. Yet, it can be awkward to explain to friends or nosy family members, like a pressing tío. In an effort to rescue you from an unwanted conversation, we’ve compiled a few responses to shut down any nagging metiches that want to know, “Why are you still single, mijita?”

“Everyone I meet is a payaso.”

“I love tequila. I’d rather go out drinking with my bestie.”

“I’m a grown adult. I have standards.”

“I’m just too lazy.”

“I’m happy and whole with myself.”

“I’m trying to take over the world.”

“I have trust issues. I don’t like dating people I don’t know.”

“I work. A LOT.”

“My last boyfriend was no Rico Suave.”

“I’m too busy taking care of my dog and cat.”

“Because I live in Yonkers, N.Y.”