11 Answers To Shut People Ask That Ask Why You’re Single


Being single isn’t a bad thing — trust us. Yet, it can be awkward to explain to friends or nosy family members, like a pressing tío. In an effort to rescue you from an unwanted conversation, we’ve compiled a few responses to shut down any nagging metiches that want to know, “Why are you still single, mijita?”

“Everyone I meet is a payaso.”

Let’s face it, males mature at a slower rate than females, and frankly in this day and age I don’t have time to play in the sandbox anymore.

“I love tequila. I’d rather go out drinking with my bestie.”

Single Girl

In other words, I prefer having a relationship with Don Julio. “Oh, Don.”

“I’m a grown adult. I have standards.”

Single Girl

There’s no need for cray-cray in my life, understood?

“I’m just too lazy.”

Single Girls

Relationships, in a nutshell, can be pretty draining–just ask Tía Virtudes. Plus, I’ve got a good relationship going with Netflix. It really gets me.

“I’m happy and whole with myself.”

Single Girl

I don’t need a plus-one dragging me down everywhere I go. There’s nothing like being comfortable in your own skin.

“I’m trying to take over the world.”

Single Ladies

There’s even an anthem for it.

“I have trust issues. I don’t like dating people I don’t know.”

Single ladies

I’d rather ask Tío if he knows of any nice guys.

“I work. A LOT.”

Single ladies

I like my job and I like buying shoes, lots of shoes.

“My last boyfriend was no Rico Suave.”

Reasons for being single

I’m not making the same mistake twice.

“I’m too busy taking care of my dog and cat.”

Reasons for being single

It’s a no-brainer. Cats and dogs = loyal companions. Plus, they don’t talk back.

“Because I live in Yonkers, N.Y.”

Reasons for being single

According to a recent study, Yonkers ranked as the worst city for singles based on the economics of dating and levels of romance and fun. Yikes.

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