5 Easy Ways to Make (and Enjoy) Pizza Every Night Without Breaking the Bank

Be honest. You’re addicted to pizza and you wish you could have it for dinner every night – except that ordering pizza can get expensive and making it just doesn’t seem like the best idea, but… that’s because you haven’t come across these easy recipes. Here are five easy-to-make pizza recipes to get you through those cravings:

Cheesy Pizza Dip

Credit: We Grubbin’ / YouTube

If you don’t have time to roll your own dough, this ooey-gooey, easy-to-make pizza-inspired, cheese dip will hit the spot. Just grab some bread and start dunkin’.

Nutella Cookie Pizza

Credit: My Cupcake Addiction / YouTube

Pizza for dessert? YES. Feed your sweet tooth with a giant cookie topped with Nutella “sauce,” Oreos, marshmallows and M&Ms.

Pizza Cones

Credit: POPSUGER Food / YouTube

If you’re looking for a creative presentation for a party, these pizza cones are sure to turn heads.

Mexican Pizza


Credit: El Guzii / YouTube

Finally have time to make a pizza at home? Here’s a recipe for Mexican-inspired pizza that you won’t find at your favorite delivery joint.

Chocolate Pizza

Credit: El Guzii / YouTube

Still want dessert, but craving something a bit simpler than a Nutella cookie pizza? A little cocoa powder and fresh fruit will go a long when you need something sweet.

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