13 Photos of Capirotada That’ll Get You Ready for Semana Santa

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When Lent hits, most people give up stuff like junk food, alcohol or sex. But there’s one thing you can’t say no to: CAPIROTADA.

It’s capirotada time and we are all like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.23.32 AM

There’s nothing like that smell of that warm, gooey bread pudding when it’s fresh out of the oven. Here are 13 photos that’ll get your taste buds fiendin’ for some capirotada.

1. This Mouth-watering Capirotada

This is truly one of the greatest times of the year. Not only are we spending time with family, but we are also enjoying some of the most delicious foods ever. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

2. This Cheesy Pecan-filled Capirotada

Warning: You might want to protect your phone from the amount of drool that is about to fall from your mouth onto your phone. It is important you safeguard your valuable communication device. We are not responsible for water damage.

3. This Capirotada That’s so Good, Someone Had to Make Three

Who else’s mom does this? She can’t just make one. She has to make multiple batches so everyone can have too much and ruin all of the work you did during Lent.

4. This Sweet Capirotada with Melty Cheese

Brb, going to track down this delicious slice of heaven. Literally, this is the most mouthwatering picture os fresh capirotada.

5. This Picture Perfect Capirotada

6. This Deep Dish Capirotada with Dried Fruit

Have you been going to the gym to lose that holiday weight? Well, too bad. You should have just been happy with your fluff. Now you are going to gain all of that weight back.

7. This Capirotada That is Completely Bananas

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B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Or are those plantains? Who knows? All I know is I would like to sample this one too. Doesn’t it look amazing?

8. This Capirotada Buried Under Shaved Coconut

Even people who hare coconut will be able to get behind this delicacy. It is just so beautiful. I kind of feel bad eating it. Kind of.

9. This Capirotada with Sprinkles

Que festive! Nothing like a funfetti styled capirotada to give you all the feels and love of the Easter season.

10. This Capirotada That is Nuts

Nuts, I say. But also, iconic.

11. This Capirotada That’s Ready to Go

Someone is super prepared. Good for them. I only wish I thought things through this much. I’m that person running out of the house with the capirotada in my hand trying to eat on the go.

12. This Nicely Browned Capirotada with Raisins and Nuts

It looks like a brownie and that gets me excited. How did they make this look so incredibly enticing?

13. This Capirotada That Has a Little of Everything

Sign me up! I can’t wait to dig into some capirotadas all weekend long. Who else is digging in with no regret today?

Hungry yet? Want to make your own? Try this recipe from Muy Bueno.

Crazy Things Your Mom Will Do Because It’s Holy Week


Crazy Things Your Mom Will Do Because It’s Holy Week

Holy Week is here and if your mom has been on your case these past six weeks for eating meat on Fridays and not giving anything up for lent, brace yourself because requests/nags will multiply this week. She can only push you so far, but to secure her place in Heaven she will do all of this during Semana Santa

Decorate the House with Leftover Palms from Palm Sunday


#palmcrosses #palmsunday #springbreak #project #easter #timeonmyhands #learnsomethingnew

A photo posted by Hellie (@hellie722) on

You know you’ll find those babies on headboards, pinned into your mirror and on the fridge. Just for a little extra blessings.

Ban You From Watching TV


Because apparently the Bible can be just as exciting as GOT…

…And All Music is Prohibited


Except for Pslams.

Cook Dozens and Dozens of Chiles Rellenos


#SeaFood #cook #food #shirmp #tomatoes #peppers #cheese #chilesrellenos #MexicanFood #comida #mariscos #camarones A photo posted by Rosa Arvizu de Adame (@rosadeadame) on

Literally you will eat your weight in chiles rellenos this year.

Drag You with Her to Watch a Play at Church

03___eme___ / Instagram

Nothing happier than watching the crucifixion being reenacted by 9 year olds guys.

Make You Beg for Forgiveness by Sending You to Confession on Tuesday

standrewcatholicchurch / Instagram

Which TBH you know ya need after your friday night.

…And Send You to Church Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday

Credit: Tumblr / Evieman

Don’t worry. Monday and Tuesday are for praying at home.

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Have You Wash Her Feet on Holy Thursday

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LOL and watch her skip the pedicure she usually gets on Saturdays.

Turn Family Movie Night into a Viewing Party for Mel Gibson’s Scary The Passion of the Christ

#palmSunday #helper #willcome #Jesus #truth #God #goodness #empathy #forgiveness #fightforwhatyoulove #love #not perfect #human #divine #passionofthechrist #bravery #courage #christianity #knightstemplar #cross #sins #burdens #hollywood #melgibson #director #storyteller #movie #message A photo posted by Wanda Halldorson (@wanda99999) on Mar 29, 2015 at 11:14am PDT

Credit: @wanda99999

Here’s to that year you campaigned to screen The Prince of Egypt…

Feed You Capirotada Until You’re Nauseous

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A photo posted by Fernando Martinez (@fernando_91180) on Mar 29, 2015 at 6:47pm PDT

Credit: @fernando_91180

And dreaming about them all night.

Make Your Family Wear Matching Outfits on Easter Sunday

Credit: Tumblr / Landf11

Because nothing shows Jesus you love him like wearing a plaid skirt to match your sisters.

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