13 People That Could Handle Eating A Chile, And It’s Hilarious

If you can’t stand the heat … don’t eat the chile! Here’s a collection of reaction GIFs featuring souls — some brave, some cocky — who thought they could handle the fire from some of the hottest peppers in the world.

WARNING: Do not try this at home, unless you want to cry like a baby.

1. This Super Hot Trio

2. The Girl Who Thought She Could Take It

3. The Tough Guy Who Wasn’t So Tough

4. The Guy Who Asks When It’s Supposed to Get Hot

5. The BF Who Couldn’t Hang with his GF

6. The Galanes Who Did It to Impress the Ladies

7. The Girl Whose Mascara Gets Ruined

8. The Compadres Who Go Down Together

9. The Guy Who Eats Ten Habaneros — TEN!

10. The Guy Who Begs for Ice Cream

11. The Siblings Who Challenge Each Other

12. The Bieber Look-Alike Who Sheds Some Tears

13. The Classic Cherry-Habanero Mix-Up