How to Nail Your #OOTD Pic


It’s time to step up your Outfit of the Day pics! Here are a few tips on how to rock the lens and capture the best images to get you a boatload of likes.



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Keep your eyes open for cool surroundings to highlight your outfit. A colorful backdrop will make your outfit pop and more intricate backgrounds will compliment the colors and patterns.

Natural Lighting

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Mother nature is your best friend when it comes to awe-inspiring pics. Capture great shots with natural light. You and your bold colors will be very happy.

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Switch Up the Angles

Channel your inner model. Play with angles in your photos. Go ahead, strut your stuff.

Capture Details

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Highlight the best parts of your outfit by taking close-ups. Zoom in and let your followers take notice of your fringe, collar or jewelry.

Take Multiple Photos


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Take tons of photos so you have more to choose from. If there are too many good ones, add them all as a mini portfolio.

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While the duckface is cool, don’t forget to show off your pearly whites every once in a while. It puts people in a good mood.

Focus Your Camera

Up in the air and nothing but water underneath. #love #hongkong #travel

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The last thing you want are blurry photos. Make sure to test the lens, focus and filter before you begin snapping away.

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Ride Miguel’s Sexual Wave


Ride Miguel’s Sexual Wave

Miguel Music

R&B singer Miguel made audiences weak with “Adorn” and “Beautiful,” but that was just the start. With the release of his sophomore album Wildheart, the L.A. native is once again pushing the wave of sensual tunes taking him on a ride to become the next musical icon because…

He Creates Music That Makes You Wanna…


Miguel loves sex. It’s obvious by his posts of naked women on Instagram and his lyrics about quickies and bite marks. His sultry voice, racy lyrics and R&B rhythms take baby-making music to a level we hadn’t heard since the 60s – and for that we thank him.

He’s Responsible for Pushing Queen Bey Beyond Her Sexual Limits


Miguel knows a thing or two about producing sexually-filled lyrics and that’s exactly where he took Beyoncé on “Rocket.” He told Vibe he took her there by asking himself, “What’s the first thing I would want Beyoncé to say to me as a man?” If you’ve heard the song or seen the video you know the response to that is, “Rock it till water falls.”

His Style is on a New Wave


Jasmine Benjamin, Miguel’s stylist, describes his style as the “spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.” She told Vogue “his style is sexy, bold, rock ‘n’ roll, and everything that idea encompasses.” His fringe leather jacket, wax-coated pants, grungy shirts and gaudy silver jewelry speak to that.

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He’s about Brown Pride and Culture


The son of a Mexican dad and African-American mom, Miguel is proud of his roots and that’s reflected in everything he does. He wears rosaries on red carpets, calls everyone “primo,” and reps San Pedro, Calif. On top of that, he released a track in Spanish, “Destinado A Morir,” as part of his new album Wildheart. Swoon.

He Speaks in Tongues We Don’t Understand


Making phrases like “rad,” “riot” and “wave” his signature, Miguel’s vocab is unlike anything we’ve heard. We admit sometimes we don’t know what he means, but he just sounds so cool.

Like Every Good Latino, He’s Family Oriented


Although he travels the world to perform with Santana and write for Beyoncé, Mikey – as his family calls him – still makes time to hang out with Nana and the rest of the clan. In fact, he’s so close to Nana and Tata, he credits them for the Latin influence in his music. Melting.

He’s Got Mad Love for Latinos


He admitted to Variety Latino that no matter what, he’s got a Latino’s back. “If there’s someone Latino doing something somewhere, you’re going to support them just because you’re proud of the heritage of the Latino culture and that’s something that I love about being Latino – the tremendous support that you get.”

He’s an Artíst in Every Sense


Not only is he a creative lyricist, more stylish than GQ models, but Miguel’s also an art connoisseur. He’s obsessed with photography, paintings and all sorts of graphic illustrations – have you seen his Tumblr ? He’s also a big supporter of fan art, hanging several fan pieces at home and reposting his favorites on social media.

Just Look at Him


We know physical appearances are just a shell, but I mean, c’mon! He has a voice that makes you weak in the knees, a killer smile and look at that bod. He’s the full package.

Which Miguel song gets you in the mood? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.