Our Parents Were Recycling Before It Even Existed


Latino parents are geniuses who’ve always been ahead of their time. Take being green ♻️…sure, now it’s all hip and cool to be green and eco-friendly, but our parents were doing this before reusable bags were en vogue. Let’s check out some of their most brilliant, green (and old school) tricks.

Disposable plastic cups were not disposable…

They washed, dried, stacked, and put them away for the next party.

…and empty Maruchan cups were also reused for drinking cups.

Que sucede con las #maruchan con ron!! #instachile #copetin #ron #love

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Butter containers were always reused over and over and over again.

At least four dozen times.


Bread bags were recycled as lunch bags.

I guess I should save this to cover my shoes, in case it rains this week… #breadbags

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Which replaced the bread bag you used for lunch last week. #reducereuserecycle

You washed the car using the two-bucket method.

Captain Buggy gets a wash on #trouserlesstuesday #homecarwash #gettinghotnhere #itsathing #joinme

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One bucket for the soapy water and one bucket to rinse the car. Saving water one car wash at a time.

Barbie was forced to make questionable fashion choices.

Because even she had to be a thrifty shopper.

Old shirts made great wash cloths.

This is how a man cleans haha #howamancleans #shirtrag #bootleg

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Not only green, but cost effective too. Same went for newspaper.

They taught us to make liquid soap last and last and last…


Me: “Mami, we are out of shampoo.”

Mami: “Echarle agua.”

Me: “I’ve done that twice this week. Can we just buy more shampoo?”

All those coffee grounds we produce have an after life.

How else do you think we have so many chiles to roast?

Old grocery bag? More like new trash bag!

And there was a bag to hold all the bags.

And clothes was worn until it literally fell apart.

I keep asking him to stay little and he keeps not listening. #growingupfast #pantstoshort #lifewithgeorge

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This may still happen…

Were your parents recyling masters? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below!

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You're Going to Lose It When You Find Out La Macarena Is Actually a Skank


You’re Going to Lose It When You Find Out La Macarena Is Actually a Skank

If there’s one song we remember from our childhood, one song that made us leave our chair to hit the dance floor when we heard at weddings, quinceañeras and birthday parties, it’s the 1994 hit from the Spanish duo Los del Río, Macarena.

Everyone knew the dance.

Credit: vintageclothesretro / Tumblr
Credit: vintageclothesretro / Tumblr

?Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena?

Young, old, Black, white, brown. Literally, everyone.

Credit: lolgifs.net

?Que tu cuerpo es pa’ darle alegría y cosa buena?

And it was super popular for elementary school performances.


Credit: festivefullmoonparty / Tumblr

We didn’t know what the song was about, but it didn’t matter. The tune was catchy and the moves were super easy.

Credit: mrmonroememes / Tumblr

Even those with no rhythm mastered the dance.

BUT brace yourself, because after learning what the lyrics really mean, you’ll never look at your childhood the same.

Credit: NBC / lopezandres87 / Tumblr

Yes, it’s that bad.

Check out how these 90s babies reacted when they were exposed to the dirty truth…

Credit: DistractifyVideo / YouTube

Ummm… Yeah, they’re words!

?Now don’t you worry about my boyfriend

The boy whose name is Victorino

I don’t want him

Can’t stand him

He was no good so I… ha ha ha ha

Now come on, what was I supposed to do? 

He was out of town and his two friends…

They were soooo fine?

Whaaaaaat?! ?

Credit: DistractifyVideo / YouTube

How were our parents ever OK with this song?

macarena elementary gif
Credit: DistractifyVideo / YouTube

This is wrong on so many levels.

Check out the whole Distractify video below.

Credit: DistractifyVideo / YouTube

What was your favorite song to dance to as a child? Tell us in the comments below!

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