He’s Not the Stereotypical Latino BF, But Here’s Why It’s OK

There is something about a Latino lover that just can’t be beat. But these poor men! Thanks to telenovlas and media hype, there are just certain expectations they may never live up to. Ladies, get these stereotypes out of your head STAT…

Latino lovers will rock your world day and night.

Credit: zanesaddicted / Tumblr

Telenovela stars are not real…but nothing will beat a snuggle session with your gordito.

They’ve got the smoothest moves.

Credit: rydeforyou / Tumblr

Professional salsa dancing…not so much. But you’ll gush at his “Caballo Dorado.”

They’re so handy, they’ll build you a house.

Credit: fwerd / Reddit

It’s unrealistic for a man to build a house on his own, but he’ll always be there when you need the sink fixed.

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Latinos are all studs… like this guy.

Credit: Univision / YouTube

He’s a trained too-cute-to-be-real professional, but your guy’s a genuine cutie.

He’ll pay for everything.

Credit: The Jetsons / Hanna-Barbera / hopelessthoughhoping / Tumblr

Meh, that’s the old-fashioned mentality. You’re a millennial woman who doesn’t mind splitting the bill.

They’re oh so smooth.

Credit: aidailrave / Imgur

Except when they’re not, but he makes you smile when he’s a klutz.

Latinos always protect their women.

Credit: connorthecookiedough / Tumblr

He might not be Superman, but he’s always got your back no matter what.

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He wants six kids, two dogs and a horse.

Credit: ledawg / Tumblr

He isn’t all about the large family, he just wants to build a family with you.

Music is in his blood.

Credit: Hero / Interscope Records / my-passion-stuff1 / Tumblr

He may not have Enrique Iglesias’ pipes, but his version of Hero makes you tear up every time.

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