Netflix + Dinner: What to Watch in June

It’s that exciting time when Netflix releases what it has in store for the month. Here’s what to stream on Netflix for the month of June. Oh, and we’ve also paired each movie with a tasty meal or drink to make your movie viewing experience even better.


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Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, Biutiful stars Javier Bardem as a dying father of two children. As his death draws near, his only goal is to find a suitable caretaker for his kids. The drama, nominated for two Oscars, represented Mexico in the Best Foreign Language Film category and garnered Bardem his third Oscar nom. The film will be available to stream until June 28.

Dinner: Since the movie was primarily shot in Spain, how about munching on a seafood paella con un vinito blanco.


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This 2014 monster movie, available to stream until June 30, retells the origin of Godzilla in modern times. The film, directed by Gareth Edwards, stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Dominican newcomer Victor Rasuk.

Dinner: For snack options, consider foods from any of the locations featured in the movie, such as Hawaii, the Philippines, San Francisco and Las Vegas. We suggest some finger-licking Filipino ribs with a sweet and tangy sauce.

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Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour

Katy Perry
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In search of something to watch with your gal pals or kids? Well, there’s good ol’ Katy Perry. Her third world tour, “Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour” has been turned into a movie and gives fans behind-the-scenes access and eye-popping performances. The movie will be available to stream on June 26.

Dinner: In the spirit of fun, give yourself the green light to indulge on some sweet treats like energizing date balls or paletas de manzana.


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If you’re unsure what to stream on Netflix, try any Gael Garcia Bernal movie. Starting June 10, you’ll be able to enjoy his latest film Rosewater, directed by TV host Jon Stewart. The film, based on a true story, recounts the imprisonment of Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari.

Dinner: To complement your viewing experience, we recommend a few Persians dishes like ghormeh sabzi (persian herb stew) or joojeh kabab (grilled saffron chicken).

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In need of some action? Jennifer Lopez provides all the kicking and punching you could ask for in the crime thriller Enough. Lopez plays a young mother on the run from her abusive husband. Things get heated when she finally decides to fight back.

Dinner: With J. Lo in mind, and her Puerto Rican roots, consider having some arroz con gandules.

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Latinas Shared The Movies And Shows That Made Them Feel Seen


Latinas Shared The Movies And Shows That Made Them Feel Seen


It’s no secret that over the past few decades, people of color worked to fight for equal representation on screens both big and small. While, of course, there have been great POC and LGTBQ relationships on television there’s really been a spike in the spectrum of representation since our early years watching television and learning about relationships.

Recently, we asked Latinas on Instagram what shows and movies featured their favorite most diverse couples.

And the answers threw us for a time loop!

Check them out below!

“Maria and Luis on Sesame Street.”- melissa_phillips71

“Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner is The Bodyguard, they reminded me of my parents and they loved to play the soundtrack.” –millenialmarta

“The leads in Someone Great, Jane and Michael the virgin and the lesbian relationship Gentrified. It’s been 30 years and I finally found characters I can relate to.” –allyss_abyss_

“Most definitely, “Brooklyn 99”: two female Hispanics as regulars and a white person playing a Hispanic (Andy Samberg’s character’s last name is Peralta, which is a Spanish surname).” – seadra2011

“Holt and Kevin(and Rosa Diaz) have changed the way people have perceived gay couples and gay people. Nine Nine!” –chaoticbiguy

“The first on-screen presence that made me feel seen/represented period was @justinamachado ‘s character on One Day At A Time. A Latina veteran struggling with her mental health while trying to juggle school, work, love, and family? And as a main character? Whew….“-vieja.metiche

“Taína! It was on Disney if I remember correctly?? Then @americaferrera in sisterhood of the traveling pants as Carmen. 😭❤️ her life was like mine. Growing up in suburbs but never really having a place culturally.. but my girlfriends still had my back no matter our background.” –chessy__a

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Netflix’s Newest Musical Teen Hit Series Stars a 16-Year-Old Afro-Latina Newcomer


Netflix’s Newest Musical Teen Hit Series Stars a 16-Year-Old Afro-Latina Newcomer

A new teen series has dropped on Netflix that the internet can’t stop talking about. The newest cultural phenomenon that has hit the juggernaut streaming service is a musical series called Julie and the Phantoms, based on the 2011 Brazilian show of the same name.

The series follows a 16-year-old insecure girl named Julie who has lost her love of music after the tragic death of her mother. But with the help of a (stay with us here) band of musical ghosts she stumbles across in her garage, she soon re-discovers her love of singing and performing. Backed by her band of “phantoms”, Julie confidently takes the stage again, blowing everyone away in the process. ,

But the wacky, heartfelt story-line isn’t the only reason people are excited about the show. The buzz around the show is building because its star, 16-year-old newcomer Madison Reyes, is an Afro-Latina singer-actress of Puerto Rican descent.

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Que Bonita bandera 🇵🇷

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Before landing the role of Julie, Reyes was just a regular shmegular Nuyorican girl going to high school in Brooklyn. Needless to say, the process of auditioning for Julie and the Phantoms was both a whirlwind and a game-changer.

“I found out about Julie and the Phantoms through my school. At first I was nervous to send my video in, but after talking to some friends, I sent it in and got a call back,” Reyes told Refinery 29. “From there it was just figuring out when I could fly to L.A. When I finally made it out there, the audition process lasted two days.”

Reyes, for one, understands the burden of her load. “[Julie] is Latin American, she’s got textured hair, she’s a strong and independent female character,” Reyes recently told the LA Times. “As a person of color who wants more diversity [on-screen], I’m kind of scared about the hate comments that I’ve seen other people have to go through, especially women.”

As if having an Afro-Latina actress at the center of a popular Netflix show wasn’t exciting enough, the series is also being helmed by Mexican-American director and all-around legend Kenny Ortega. For those of you unfamiliar with Ortega, he is the creative genius who directed bonafide classics like High School Musical and Hocus Pocus.

Ortega has been publicly effusive in his praise of Reyes. “She has this raw talent that can take on any genre of music, and this promise of greatness that excited everybody,” he told the LA Times. “And yet she’s so relatable and grounded.”

Fans are already calling for a second season after watching the cliffhanger season finale. Reyes, herself, can’t wait to get back in the shoes of Julie. When asked in an interview about where we’ll see her next, she responded: “Hopefully in the next season of Julie and the Phantoms!”. We second that wish.

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