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Juan Arango Does His Best Luis Suárez Impression


Juan Arango Does His Best Luis Suárez Impression

Juan Arango

Uruguay’s Luis Suárez isn’t the only soccer star who seems to enjoy the taste of his opponents. In the dying seconds of last weekend’s Liga MX match between Club Tijuana and Monterrey, Tijuana’s Juan Arango expressed his frustration Suarez-style…

He CHOMPED DOWN on the shoulder of Monterrey’s Jesús Zavala.


Credit: ESPN Deportes

Zavala and his teammates pleaded with the referee to punish Arango:

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Photo Credit: ESPN Deportes

Arango, a Venezuelan veteran who is better known for his deadly free kicks, escaped the match without getting a red card.

Zavala later took to Instagram to joke about it.

“The bite mark is just a bit visible,” wrote Zavala.

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Arango, who will now be linked to serial biter Luis Suárez, admitted his mistake.

“I did what I wasn’t supposed to do. After the game I offered my apology; I was frustrated, heated and I took a negative approach,” said Arango to Marca.com.