#mituVERANO: How a Soda Can Will Boost Your Wi-Fi Stat

Easiest Hack to Keep You Connected

You are watching the best Snap ever — when suddenly — frozen sadness. The video stops moving, you lose that snap and you can’t move on to the next. Why Wi-Fi?! Why?! Fear no more, Eddie G! has the easiest hack to get you the Wi-Fi booster you need.  All it takes is a can of soda and first grade level cutting skills. Watch the video above to learn how to never miss a snap again.

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How To Do The Cholo Zumba Dance Without Signing Up For A Class


How To Do The Cholo Zumba Dance Without Signing Up For A Class

How to Dance Like a Chola

How to dance ZUMBA like a CHOLA. Yep. Totally went there. /div>

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Original video: Baila con Mire!

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Posted by OMG, It's Eddie G on Friday, February 19, 2016

Credit: Eddie G! / YouTube

Get your Sharpie and lip liner ready!

By now, you’ve seen all the “cholo zumba” videos that have been making the rounds, right? If not, watch them here: there’s this one, this one and this one.

K, now that you’re all caught up, Eddie G! created a tutorial video for all of you out there who want to learn a cholo zumba dance. Pull those old Dickies out of the closet and get your Sharpie and lip liner ready, because you’ll be dancing firme in no time.

WATCH: Teens Try To Explain The Weeknd Lyrics To A Mexican Tio
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Teens Try to Explain The Weeknd Lyrics to a Mexican Tío


Teens Try to Explain The Weeknd Lyrics to a Mexican Tío

Credit: Eddie G! / YouTube

“Then… you have… another lady.”

Have you ever tried to explain an English-language song to someone who speaks Spanish? It can get pretty tough if there’s lots of hard-to-translate slang and even tougher if it’s a racy song like “Or Nah” by Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa and DJ Mustard. Can you image explaining lyrics like “Imma pop this bottle you gon’ give me brain or nah” to your mom? GOOD LUCK. Watch as two unassuming teens attempt to explain dirty lyrics to their uncle Tiburcio.

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