#mituVERANO: How a Soda Can Will Boost Your Wi-Fi Stat

Easiest Hack to Keep You Connected

You are watching the best Snap ever — when suddenly — frozen sadness. The video stops moving, you lose that snap and you can’t move on to the next. Why Wi-Fi?! Why?! Fear no more, Eddie G! has the easiest hack to get you the Wi-Fi booster you need.  All it takes is a can of soda and first grade level cutting skills. Watch the video above to learn how to never miss a snap again.

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Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Shakira Impersonation


Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Shakira Impersonation

Credit: Adorable Wilks / YouTube

Her Pipes Don’t Lie

Everyone has been giving Italian-American pop artist Ariana Grande (she is NOT Latina, Fox News) loads of virtual high-fives for her spot-on Celine Dion impersonation on last week’s Jimmy Fallon appearance. But this pint-sized pop princess has been belting out other people’s ballads for years. Case in point – Ariana singing like everyone’s favorite Latina rockstar, Shakira! Check out the video above to see her rendition of “Hips Don’t Lie.”

She’ll Do it Whenever, Wherever

CREDIT: wizards7’s channel / YouTube

Can’t get enough? The video above has her Le ro lo le lo le-ing “Whenever, Wherever.”  Can we get a collab soon ladies?!

But Not Really

Before you get too excited, looks like Grande won’t be doing too many more impressions.  Check out what she told Channel [V] Australia in a recent interview.

QUIZ: Are You More Rebellious Retro Shakira or Sexy She Wolf Shakira?

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