Makeup Struggles Every Latina Has Experienced

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Makeup is probablyyyyyyyy the most amazing thing in the world. I mean, it’s a fact, we know this. But it’s also a source of so many problems. So let’s take off our eyebrows and vent, together…

If you love makeup, you know that…

Finding “The One” really means “Finding The One Who’ll Wait As Long As It Takes For Me To Finish My Damn Brows, Damn.”

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And it’s not that Latinas naturally have an attitude; we just happen to have a lot on our minds!

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Just wrestling with wings can take years off your life.

The reason why you never ask a girl wearing winged liner why shes late ?

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And you know that sunlight can be the rudest damn H del P in the world.

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But who cares, because you embrace all your “looks.”


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You want to take good care of your skin, but…

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And can we talk about the fact that companies seem to think that 1) Latinas all have the same skin tone and 2) we’re all yellowy-orange?

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The less said about the liquid lipstick struggle, the better.

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And this is all of us when we get mascara on our nose:

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Oh, and then there’s the struggle of trying to follow tutorials and Pinterest hacks.

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Not that there aren’t some, like. Good parts…

Like when you woke up the whole neighborhood with screams of joy when this happened:

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But even when our makeup struggles make us wanna cry…

*cries in Spanish* ?

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…we’ll always have this Ancient Latina Blessing, passed down from our ancestors:

Mondays…?✌ #happymonday #lol #mondaystruggles #makeupstruggles #wingedliner #mua #makeupaddict #fun #love #beauty #makeupmondays

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Can you think of any other makeup struggles? Vent here; it’s a safe, well-contoured space.

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