Life-Changing Hacks All Latinos Have Pretty Much Used For Years Now

Because Latinos just do everything better. Including making one bottle of dish soap last for 157 years.

Artsy gringos stole the idea of “upcycling” from us. Don’t forget it.

Credit: Instagram / elgallodmv

Watch, you see this shit pop up at a hipster coffee shop next week.

And selfie sticks? Pfft. We’ve been doing that forever.

Credit: Instagram / juniornm3

Look at that sweet, sweet MySpace angle.

…Unfortunately, the same technology can also be used for evil.


Credit: Instagram / djsae

Behold, the Nalgaburner 3000.

Here’s a classic: Why spend money on Tupperware or bowls?

Credit: Instagram / mari3lita

Tried and true.

And why call a repair person when you can fix *basically* anything yourself?


Credit: Instagram / mexicanos_be_like

Spend that money on things that matter, like snacks and also more snacks.

Sometimes we take “a la plancha” literally.

Credit: Instagram / _boricubana7


And did you know that adding air conditioning to your van is actually super easy?

Credit: Instagram / ingeniomexicano

Yeah, we keep it ~cool.~

You want a drone? Make it yourself, obviously.


Credit: Instagram / jmejia66

Boom. Dale.

To make dish soap last longer, just add water. And mom magic.

Credit: Twitter / LeJuan James

Mami knows best.

We can make a meal out of anything, really.

Credit: Vine / Alex_hn

Pan, jamón, el dedo más grande, caca…

And we figure, why walk when you can roll through like the boss you are?

Credit: Instagram / LatinoFizz / MexicansProblems

Literally don’t understand why a third of the tags for this says “problems” when all I see are solutions.

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Gotta any other useful hacks we should know about? Can you make a car out of two paperclips and a battery? Let us know!

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