Life after College: Expectation vs. Reality


We were so eager to graduate college because we thought we’d have our dream job, a social life and would be swimming in money. Man, were we wrong.

Expectation: You’d have a chic loft to yourself.

Reality: You still have roommates and it’s a dump.

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If they aren’t your siblings, it’s a weirdo you found on Craigslist. Either way, your room is still crammed and looks like it belongs to a kid.

Expectation: Living in vacation mode.

Reality: Life is more stressful than finals.


You thought managing school and life was tough. Who knew work would be worse?

Expectation: Freedom! With no one to report to.


Reality: You still have to check in with mom.


She still needs to know what you eat every day.

Expectation: Living a luxuriou$ lifestyle.


Reality: It’s a paycheck to paycheck kinda life.


Now you’re faced with pesky bills and you’ll have to ask yourself if the shoes you want are worth eating ramen for a week.

Expectation: You’d be hot and fit.


Reality: You’re still trying to burn off your Freshmen 15.


With a 9–5, it’s almost impossible to squeeze in a workout or cook healthy meals. Your twenties are supposed to be your hot bod years. Maybe it’ll be your thirties…

Expectation: With no schoolwork, you’d have a ton of free time.


Reality: Free time is scarce.


You have to plan when you’re going to call home, do laundry, eat, sleep and work just to make sure you get everything done. When you do have free time, you choose to stay in and rest because life is exhausting.

Expectation: The dating pool is an instant upgrade.


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Reality: Dating isn’t classier.

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With no free time, it only makes sense to turn to Tinder. Unfortunately, it’s the equivalent of meeting someone at a frat party.

Expectation: You can hang with the big kids.


Reality: Hangovers are worse than ever.


You don’t have that 21-year-old bounce-back rate anymore. And hangovers during an eight-hour work day are much worse than during a two-hour lecture where you can hide behind books.

Expectation: You’ve reached your squad goals.


Reality: You have no friends.


It’s impossible to keep in touch with friends when they’ve halfway around the world. And how are you supposed to make new ones when you’re always trapped in the office?

Expectation: You have a sick job.


Reality: Work sucks.


Being micromanaged and staying indoors for nine hours is making your miss your three-hour lecture.

Expectation: You have somewhat of a five-year plan.


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Reality: You have absolutely no clue what you’re doing.


It’s okay. Life after college is still better.

Snapchat Confessions, Hypocrisy and More Reasons We’re Ditching Church


Snapchat Confessions, Hypocrisy and More Reasons We’re Ditching Church


Growing up, we were dragged to church every Sunday because “es pecado faltar a la misa.” Now that we don’t have mamá breathing all her Ave María Purísimas down our neck, we, and 59% of millennials, are ditching church because…

We’re Pro Gay

TBH, we’re pro people in general. We believe he, she and they have every right to love whomever they chose. Love is great. But know what isn’t? An institution that preaches it, yet demonizes those who feel it.

Smartphone Confessions Exist


Priests are using Snapchat to take confessions. How creepy is that?

It’s Booooring


Like wake-me-up-when-this-is-over type of boring. We don’t want to spend hours of our lives listening to how everything we do will lead us to an eternity in hell.

Jesus and Social Media Don’t Mix

Photo Credit: churchmemes / Tumblr

#JesusLives, @jesusontwittorr…Really? What happened to the sacred worship of God? Kim Kardashian’s latest cleavage shot and Jesus should never be next to each other on our Twitter feeds.

Sundays are Chill Days


We’re hungover and have a brunch date to recover. Despite what mami says, those are perfectly valid reasons to avoid attending church on Sunday morning. Hours of loud preaching are more than our throbbing heads can bear.

We’re Rebels Breaking Tradition


As much as we love abuelita, we’re not going to believe everything she says about the creation of the universe and other literal translations of the bible. We have our own minds, and actually like to use them.

We Don’t Believe in Magic


It’s not so much that we don’t believe in God, it’s more like we question exactly how you take ribs from a man and poof! you create a woman.

One Word: Limosna


Jesus built a church without money in his bank account. Why can’t Father Miguel do the same? I got my own bills to pay.

Religion is Not a Trademark

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They insist on pimping the “brand,” but we’d show up if they welcomed diversity and truly educated people on love and respect. What we don’t need are caramel lattes and free iPads for answering questions at the end of the sermon.

Women Kick Ass


We have every right not to get married if we don’t want to, have kids when we chose to and be sexually active if we please. Oh yeah, using condoms makes us smart, not sinners.

We Do Church in PJs

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