Is Your Relationship at the “Can I Pop Your Zit” Stage?

When Couples Get Too Comfortable

When you’ve been in a relationship forever, you get pretty comfortable with your significant other. Like REALLY comfortable. Maybe too comfortable? Josh (TheNaturalRantz) and Audri (Audri T) take you through those everyday moments that seem totally normal to couples, but might seem super weird to someone who’s single. You know, stuff like: sharing toothbrushes, popping each other’s zits, having conversations while one person is showering and the other is pooping… Normal stuff, if you’re super comfortable in your relationship.

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Outrageous Ball Park Foods and Their Calorie Count

Food & Drink

Outrageous Ball Park Foods and Their Calorie Count

Baseball season is finally underway. That means sunshine, beer and lots of incredibly bad (or great) stadium food – and we don’t mean peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Ball parks are constantly competing to outdo each other with outrageous foods like multi-layered burgers, meatball in ice cream cones and of course, bacon. Which one of these is tempting enough to break your diet?

Start with a Multi-Layered Burger of Cheesy Goodness

Value bucket was no joke #yankeestadium #stadiumfood #1poundoffriesisalot #myarteries #worthit #teamtamcam

A photo posted by Jonathan Tam (@jonnytam13) on

Phillies Stadium gives In-N-Out’s four by four a run for its money. Calories: 2,200  

If Corn Dogs are Your Thing…

The Diamondbacks’ 24 inch D-Bat will satisfy that craving. Calories: 3,000  

Or Have a Texas Style Hot Dog

Courtesy of the Rangers. Calories: Undetermined, but close to a full day’s worth.  

You Can Have Steak Fries Anywhere, But…

This is why I’m fat. #Ballparkfood #mlb #brisketnachos A photo posted by Spencer Mattinson (@matti_spe) on

You can only get brisket nachos in Detroit’s home park. Calories: 1,220  

Meatballs in a Cone, Anyone?

This year the Dodgers introduced meatball marinara in a cone. Doesn’t get fancier than this. Calories: TBD, but there’s serious damage here.

Popcorn is a Baseball Game Staple, But…

Fresh hand tossed caramel popcorn….who says you can’t eat popcorn with a fork? #attpark #sfgiants A photo posted by Sarah May’s (@sarsmay) on

Now you have have yours topped off with caramel at Giants Stadium. Make sure you grab a fork. Calories: 1,700

For the Bacon Obsessed

Citi Field offers two options: s’mores bacon and Sriracha bacon. Calories: 780  

Wash it Down with Dessert 

Like the Churro Dog from Chase Field – churro, inside a chocolate bar donut, topped with frozen yogurt and chocolate AND caramel sauces. Calories: 1,117  

Or a S’mores Sandwich

  S’mores Sandwich At AT&T Park   A photo posted by @scottysauce on

From AT&T Park.

Calories: 1,135

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