These Latinos are Cashing in on Their Insta-Success

Credit: @massy.arias / Instagram

Instagram is flooded with selfies, cat photos and #OOTD pics. What if your selfies could make you money? These Latinos have done just that.  Here are Instagram success stories to inspire your feed.

Lora Arellano

One of the many makeup artists on Instagram, Lora Arellano caught the attention of Rihanna. She’s now Rihanna’s personal makeup artist, working photo shoots, videos, her Diamonds Tour, and a Harper’s Bazaar Magazine cover. She also launched a makeup line called Melt Cosmetics with her BFF, Dana Bomar.

Massiel Arias

TAG A FRIEND TO CHALLENGE AND LET'S TAKE THESE SQUATS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL: record this challenge mention and hashtag #themassymethod for a chance to win and be feature here. Best video will be announced Friday. I call these : "Around the world squat plate presses " wow, what a long name?? a.k.a "ATWSPP" Aerobic and anaerobic benefits, this move will challenge you to a whole new level. Working your quads, Jammie's, coconuts, core, and arms. Challenge: 10 sets of 10 ATWSPP w/ 10 second hold (1-2min resto un between sets) Beginners: perform with just your body weight. Add resistance as you progress. Tip: keep back neutral, as you squat form a 90 degree angle pushing off your heels and not your toes. ???Visit www.MassyArias.com for personalized training and eating plan. Stay tuned for the upcoming 30 day summer challenge.???? #themassymethod #godschild ________________________________________ MENCIONA A UN AMIGO PARA DESAFIAR Y VAMOS A LLEVAR LAS SENTADILLAS HACIA OTRO NIVEL: graba esta rutina para un chance a ganar y ser publicados el próximo viernes aquí en mi paguina. No tienes que ser perfecto/a solo tienes que mencionarme y usar el hasta hoy #elmetodomassy Llamó este ejercicios sentadilas de reloj con prensada de plato. Que nombre tan largo ?? Con benéficos aerobicos y anaerobicos esta pequeña rutina trabaja cuadriceps, femorales, abdomen, cocos y brazos. RETO: 10 series de 10 SENTADILLAS con prensada de plato y 10 segundos de aguante como superconjunto. (Descanso de 1-2min por serie). Un súper conjunto significa hacer un ejercicio detrás del otro sin ningún descanso. CONSEJO: mantener siempre una espalda neutral. Al hacer las SENTADILLAS formar un ángulo de 90 grados empujando desde los talones y no los dedos de los pies. Listos? DALE! #elmetodomadsy #hijadecristo

A video posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on

After turning to fitness for her depression, Massiel Arias posted workout photos for motivation. More than 1.5 million people now follow Massy. She has since built a training business, models and has been featured in a Trey Songz music video.

Liz Eswein

A little holiday shopping with my two favorite pups, @toastmeetsworld and @muppetsrevenge! ???????? @iomoishop A photo posted by newyorkcity (@newyorkcity) on

With the name @newyorkcity, Liz Eswein’s foray into online sponsorship produced little profit so Liz and partners started The Mobile Media Lab for representation. Liz has since moved on to social media agency Laundry Service. Her division, Cycle, works with brands like Stella Artois, Coach and Jaguar.

Jen Selter

Thanks for the motivation @SQUATSPO ???? #Seltering

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Famous for “belfies,” selfies featuring her butt, Jen Selter has amassed more than 5 million followers. Jen quit her job and started making money from magazine shoots, endorsement deals and corporate sponsorship offers. Selter has appeared in Vanity Fair, People and Elle.

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Vegas Nay

Professional makeup artist Naomi Giannopoulos, aka Vegas Nay, started blogging and posting. She built a following of more than 3.6 million with her makeup and beauty tips. Nay’s work now appears in Cosmopolitan for Latinas. She also launched The Stardust Tour, a beauty event in Las Vegas.

Daniel Arnold

I took some blizzard paranoia pics for vanity fair, link in profile but better on a bigger screen.

A photo posted by Daniel Arnold (@arnold_daniel) on

Short of cash, Daniel Arnold sold a few signed prints of images from his feed — just for a day and some quick cash. He made $15,000, according to Forbes. Since then, he has contributed photos to the The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

Lyzabeth Lopez

Personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and fitness instructor Lyzabeth Lopez attracted 1.5 million followers with her workout photos and videos. She has appeared as a fitness expert on E!, graced magazine covers like Fitness X, Natural Muscle Magazine and Optimyz, and sells nutritional products on her website.

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