How to Win Over Her Papá

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Like the girl? Slow your roll. Before things get heated, you have to win over her protective papá. He knows your moves and motives…remember, he was you once. Here’s how to become “el hombre que se la merece.”

Do Laugh at His Jokes

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Fake it ’til you make it dude.

Don’t Compete

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You might be her príncipe but papi will always be her king.

Do Be yourself

be yourself

Papás develop a seventh sense for smelling bullshit, don’t pretend to be something you’re not, it won’t make him love you.

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Don’t Get Drunk

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Regardless of the occasion, DO NOT get drunk with your girl’s family (at least not until after the wedding).

Do Find Common Interests


Whether is soccer (the obvious one) or miniature dog competition, try to find things you and el suegro have in common.

Don’t Be Yourself

fart jokes

Remember how we said to be yourself? Yeah, well, just don’t over do it. Keep your fart jokes for your bros.


Who’s her daddy? HE IS!

Don’t Assume


Just because he’s from Peru, it doesn’t mean he likes ceviche…he could be allergic to fish.

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Do Get Out of the Car to Pick Her Up

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He won’t think you’re James Dean cool if you honk or text her to come out.

Don’t Forget to Greet Him

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A simple “hello!” for her dad will do. Nothing worst than when a dude comes into his house and pretends it’s his kingdom.

Do Bring Flowers

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