You Need to Steal these Trends from Frida Kahlo Now

She’s everywhere. She’s on refrigerator magnets, T-shirts and iPhone cases because we love her.  Frida Kahlo won us over with her art, her brazen take on life and her look…that iconic look.  It’s one most people only replicate around Halloween, but it should be rocked everyday.  Here’s how.

The Braids


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Along with the brows, Kahlo’s braids are the most beloved trademark look.

Lauren Conrad couldn’t resist copying this style for her first ever runway show this year.

Credit: The Fashion Trigger / YouTube

Here’s a quick tutorial for a fresh take on those milkmaid braids. Flowers optional.

The Brows


While Kahlo sometimes wore lipstick, her brows could have stood alone.

Faking Kahlo-style brows is easy…just practice getting the right shape for your face.

The Red Lips

#fridakahlo ?

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Her lips are as bold as the way she lived her life.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics / YouTube

The key to wearing any bold lip is having perfectly prepped lips so the color goes on smooth and stays put long past the kiss goodnight.

The Ring Party


Credit: @jackyeguzman / Instagram

Layering has always been a thing, even with accessories, as proven by Kahlo’s stacked rings.

Credit: instyle.com

When stacking rings, play with different metals, try different fingers and  knuckles and mix and match styles.

The Polka Dots

Kahlo proves this print is not for little girls. Her necktie takes the look from feminine to masculine for a modern play on this traditional look.

The Fringe

Navidad està en el aire #fridakahlo ?

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Credit: @fridakahlooficial / Instagram

Frida’s fringe-style can be worn all day, everyday by finding the right clothes and accessories.

Credit: @vineboutique / Instagram

Credit: @hausofsole / Instagram

Credit: @shannonmyindi / Instagram

The Maxi Skirt

Viva la vida #vivalafrida

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This style skirt can be worn year-round. During summer, it can be paired with sandals and tanks. Wintertime, switch open toed shoes for boots and layer sweaters and scarves.

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