First Date Style Guide

What to Wear on a First Date?

You got her to say yes the first date. Want a second? Dress to impress. Forget that way-too-cazh, lumberjack-inspired shirt you probably wear on the daily. Juan Zuniga, from Teaching Men Fashion, will show you how to step up your style game with three easy tips: ditch the sweatshirt for a printed blazer, swap the concert tee for a white button down and opt for dark denim to keep it cool. Follow Zuniga’s advice and she will definitely say yes to date number two.

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Latinas Are Sharing Their Most Ridiculous Dating Horror Stories And Someone Hold My Drink, I’m Choking


Latinas Are Sharing Their Most Ridiculous Dating Horror Stories And Someone Hold My Drink, I’m Choking

Dating is a minefield. You have to maneuver around all kinds of potential disasters in the hopes of finding that one special person. For every soulmate out there, there are dozens of bombs ready to explode in your face. While dating apps are meant to make the process a little bit easier, they don’t always work that way. From users being dishonest about who they are to unwelcome pictures sliding into your DM’s a lot can go wrong. Basically, whether you use an app or go old school, dating is hard.

Still, when we asked for our readers to share their experiences with dating, we were surprised by some of the outrageous horror stories that they had to tell. In fact, reading these might just make you delete Bumble right off of your smartphone and take a break from looking for love.

1. Just say no to self-hating Latinos.

Instagram / @sue_k4808

I meet this dude who was working at my bank, he asked me out and while we were out he told me he didn’t like bad bunny because he was too flamboyant (already knew fuck this guy) and follows it up by [saying] he normally only dates white chicks but I intrigued him that’s why he asked me out …. he’s Latino so much self loathing smh.” @carrachichi

2. At least you got to go to Disney.

Instagram / @disneyparksblog

“Met a guy he looked really cute in his pics and his voice on the phone Was omg!!! I think I was at least 20-21 when this happened. He worked at Disneyland so he said he’d get me and a friend in for free. Well, when we met Oh wow…he was a short guy nothing like his pics. Poor guy, he was so embarrassed that he had lied….i tried to talk to him but he was always on his phone and he had a girls pic on his phone wallpaper claimed it was his sister ???????? awkward. Oh well, we ditched him and roamed Disney for free.” @aryannuh

3. Politics and dating never mix.

Instagram / @castingculturewars

“I went out with a white guy who called me ignorant for being [a] Democrat. I threw my drink on him and left.” @lowhlowh_lodge

4. Yikes!

Instagram / @shop.glassy

“Met up with some guy from tinder at an arcade bar. Once we met, he asked for money and to order him an Uber so he could go pick up. I left to the bathroom, deleted the app, and went home.” @effin_melly

5. Those are fighting words.

Instagram / @myworstdatepodcast

“I went on a dinner date with a guy and he asked me what inspired me, and I said my epilepsy condition has inspired me to be a better mom & an advocate to spread awareness to my rare brain condition. Anyways, the night went on and he offered to “drive me home” since my condition didn’t allow me to drive, so I offered gas. Once we got in the car he looks at me point-blank in the face and said “you’d be the perfect woman if you didn’t have your health condition, but if you’re still down we can fuck” then I punched his tooth out & broke his window and said he can fuck himself ????????‍♀️” @mrschabelifrancis_

6. You dodged a bullet with this one.

Instagram / @snehj

“Went on a couple of dates with this cute wrestler and one night invited him over for dinner (code for ????????). When he shows up he has band-aids on his face, I asked him what they were for and he said he got ringworm from wrestling mats???????????? When I refused to make out with him etc he left and proceeded to text me calling me a b*tch ???????? Needless to say, never saw him again.” @bizzz_wilzzzz

7. Who does that!?

Instagram / @dating.is.hard

“Met a guy who was into fitness and was a fitness model online. When we got to the restaurant he opened the door and said I didn’t say thank you to him. I brushed it off thinking he was joking. While ordering he kept substituting everything on his meal which was annoying because he was taking forever. When I ordered he asked if I was really going to get that because it was fattening. ???? When we were leaving the restaurant he again stated that I didn’t say thank you when he opened the door for me. Clearly annoyed, I told him that I had barely crossed the threshold before he even let me do it. I wasn’t feeling him at all and told him if he could take me home because I had things to do. While on the ride back, I asked if he had ever dated any fitness models. He replied that he did but they were very superficial and too into their looks so that’s why he now dated girls that looked like me now. ???? I wanted to punch him! ????Clearly done with him I just sat there and couldn’t wait to go home. After some silence, he stated that he was going to take his leftovers for lunch tomorrow and I agreed. He then clearly said, “YOUR leftovers? I bought dinner. That food is mine.” I couldn’t believe him! When we got to my house he leaned in and proceeded to take my leftovers from my lap and put them in his back seat. Who does that!?!?! ????????????” @nattie922

8. Some things are unforgivable. This is one of them.

Instagram / @berrylee.onlineshop

“Was asked out on a date by some guy that was in a band. When he picked me up we started talking and I was looking out the window and when I turned to look at him he had his Vienna sausage out and wanted me to touch it . I said no and he stopped the car and made me walk . ????. Then had the balls to call me up a few weeks later to ask me out again. Like he thought I would forget.” @twistedmixedchica

9. Dating while Latina is brutal.

Instagram / @wearemitu

I went out with a guy who was VERY concerned if I was undocumented. He was ESPECIALLY concerned if I was from Venezuela since the U.S didn’t have great ties with them. I went out with this other guy who the entire date bashed his family, single parents, and wanted me to know that children in single-parent households would never succeed. I informed him I was a child of a single-parent household and I was pretty successful, in my eyes and my friends and families eyes. Dating as a Latina in 2019…”   @verher89


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Cardi B’s Favorite Brand Fashion Nova Is In A Whole Lot Of Boiling Hot Water After A Model Accused Them Of Colorism


Cardi B’s Favorite Brand Fashion Nova Is In A Whole Lot Of Boiling Hot Water After A Model Accused Them Of Colorism

In the past, clothing brand Fashion Nova has come under fire for accusations of shady business practices. The brand has been accused countless times for not including dark-skinned models and customers when promoting their clothes on Instagram. The brand has also been accused of allegedly stealing designs from black-owned indie clothing companies.  Recently, social media influencer Jackie Aina revealed that she stopped collaborating all together with Fashion Nova when the brand refused to include more dark-skinned people on its Instagram. When she complained about the practice, she was just offered more money for her services — no doubt a bribe for her silence.

Now, a dark-skinned Instagram model has come forward with more allegations of colorism against the clothing company.

Instagram / @atimxo

Model Atim Ojera recently came forward with claims that she experienced tokenism after Aina brought to light Fashion Novas’ colorist practices. According to Ojera, the clothing brand promptly ended her contract when all the controversy over their Instagram posts died down.

It started when Aina expressed frustration with the brand over their colorism.

Instagram / @jackieaina

The influencer pointed out that Fashion Nova predominantly advertises to Black people and people of color, yet they do not reflect that same practice in the advertising of their clothing.

“Every time I go on this page, the majority of [the] women I see are either light-skinned black women, biracial women, or they’re racially ambiguous,” Aina explained in a YouTube video. “They could be one thing [or] they could be something else. You don’t really know. Do I have a problem with them being represented in beauty or fashion? I don’t. But when that’s the only thing I see on the page…”

That’s when Ojera contacted Aina to share that she has also experienced colorism from the clothing brand.

Twitter / @jackieaina

In the DM, Ojera shares her experience as a Fashion Nova model. What started as a new venture soon had her becoming suspicious about the brand’s diversity practices. Her DM reads:

“After a while, I noticed they would (only) post me. At first, I felt like I was representing for all Black women but then I realized out of the millions of Black women promoting for them, it shouldn’t just be me because there are way more of us who have even better style than I do.”

At first, the model was optimistic about her opportunities with the fashion brand.

Instagram / @atimxo

“They contacted me asking if I wanted to become an official model for them for their website/commercials they had. I was honestly so excited at the time because I was oblivious and genuinely thought they wanted me to be their sole representation.”

However, the good feelings didn’t last long for the model.

Instagram / @atimxo

“When all of the comments about (Aina’s) video had gone down a bit, they contacted me basically saying they don’t need me anymore because ‘they put their model search on halt.'”

Ojera soon learned that she was not only being used, she was also being underpaid for her efforts.

Instagram / @atimxo

“I soon learned they were paying me way less than other influencers who were working with them. I really felt cheated and unfortunately still have a contract with them so I have to finish my last posts otherwise I’ll have to pay them back the money they sent me.”

This is a gross situation but it is unfortunately not uncommon. When Aina left Fashion Nova as a brand promoter, she had to pay her way out of her influencer contract just as Ojera is being forced to consider.

The model has vowed to never work with Fashion Nova again once her responsibilities are finally met.

Instagram / @atimxo

“After this, I will never work with them again after how they’ve treated myself and many other smaller black influencers who are worth just as much if not more than other influencers. I really do hope I can get out of this contract with them ASAP so that I can move on to bigger and genuine brands. They never put (their model search) on halt, by the way. They hired more white/latino/racially ambiguous models and seeing that (genuinely) made me feel less than.”

Looking at Fashion Nova’s Insta feed, their promoted models and influencers are noticeably predominantly light-skinned.

 Instagram / @fashionnova

Despite many sources calling out the fashion brand for their colorist Instagram practices, Fashion Nova hasn’t switched things up at all. It seems they only resort to posting dark-skinned influencers when they are called out for these practices — but it is clearly an insincere move. Once objectors move on, the brand goes back to purposely prioritizing light-skinned people in their social media posts. This is a classic example of tokenism and — with the help of outspoken influencers like Ojera and Aina — hopefully the brand will be exposed for what it really stands for.

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