Play these 7 Selena Songs on Repeat after a Breakup, They Will Make Everything Better

Selena Quintanilla

We loved her music and her smile, but most of all we loved Selena because she understood us. Her music lifted our spirits and comforted us when our first love crushed our hearts. In her lyrics, we found the best breakup advice. Here are 7 times Selena made us feel better after our first major heartbreak. It still applies today.

Her lyrics captured everything we felt after losing our first love.

Selena Quintanilla quote
Credit: Tumblr / simplyselenaperez

She knew exactly what we were thinking.

Credit: mitú

It was like she got in our head when she wrote these words.

Credit: Tumblr / mitú

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She also taught us it’s OK to hurt, but to accept it and move on.

Credit: Tumblr / xstef

Her words gave us the strength to resists going back.

Credit: Pinterest / mitú

She was right. All that’s left after heartbreak are pictures and memories.

Credit: Super Éxitos / mitú

When we couldn’t get him out of our head, all we had to do was…

Credit: Tumblr / enriquesocha

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