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We’re all Insta-addicts and, even if we don’t want to admit it, the truth is we ALL fit into one of Josh Leyva’s Types Of Girls You Find On Instagram. From “The Ratchet” who floods the feed with upside-down twerking videos, to “The ‘I-Know-What-You’re-Doing’ Girl” who accidentally snaps her DDs in a gram that was supposed to show off her fresh mani (please, you’re not fooling anyone), even “The Fitness Chick” who turns every workout session into a steamy photo shoot. In his wig-wearing alter ego, he and his BFF cover it all. Which girl are you? Come on, we won’t tell. As far as you know.

Rapper, Daredevil & Nanny: What You Didn’t Know about Gina Rodriguez


Rapper, Daredevil & Nanny: What You Didn’t Know about Gina Rodriguez

gina rodriguez
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Gina Rodriguez kicks ass as Jane in CW’s Jane The Virgin. She kicked ass at the Golden Globes this year and gave a kick-ass acceptance speech that was poised, gracious and inspirational. If that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with the Puerto Rican actor, here are 11 other reasons why Gina should be your #WomanCrushEveryday.

She’s Not Obsessing Over Being a Size Zero

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Confidence is by far one of the most attractive qualities people can possess, and Gina Rodriguez OWNS IT. Gina says she loves her body and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with not fitting into itty-bitty sample sizes.

She’s Turning Down Roles for All the Right Reasons

Rodriguez says she’s sick of seeing Latino stereotypes on TV and in movies. When she was offered a role on Lifetime’s Devious Maids — where five Latina women portray maids in Beverly Hills — Rodriguez turned it down. “Television and film are fictional reality to reflect our daily reality. I didn’t connect to Devious Maids. I didn’t want that to be my coming-out,” Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter.

She’s All About GIRL POWER

She didn’t ask to become a role model, but Rodriguez is completely cool with the responsibility that comes with being a star. She says she wants to free girls from the idea that they have to look like a model to be successful.

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There’s NO SHAME in Her “Lend Me a Dress” Game

Magical evening at #ImagenAwards styled by @whatlaurenloves hair by @thisisbabe #latinosStandUp #nightToRemember A photo posted by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

Most actors aren’t shy about name-dropping the designers that are lining up to dress them for red carpet events, but Rodriguez’s wardrobe pieces are fashion-pulls and not designer gifts. Her message runs deeper than mere appearance. “I didn’t become an actor to wear Louis Vuitton. I have to give this dress back when we’re done,” said Rodriguez to a crowd of smitten reporters at the TCA summer press tour.

She’s as Smart as She is Gorgeous

Rodriguez understood that if acting was truly her passion, she would need to work the craft. She studied at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, the same school that boasts alumni such as Lady Gaga, Spike Lee, and James Franco.

Family Comes FIRST

While many celebs idolize other fellow celebrities, Gina’s role models are the women in her family. Can you feel the love?

She Works Hard for the Money

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Home. ❤️

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When you’re down on your luck, “selling out” is an option, right? Not for Rodriguez. The actress turned down numerous high-profile roles even when she knew she needed the money to pay her rent.  

She Spits Hot Fire, Yo


Credit: Gabriel Reyes / YouTube

How many actors ad-lib on the red carpet? We’ve seen Rodriguez put her rap skills on display in the hip-hop drama Filly Brown, where she played a young hip-hop artist. But we’ve also seen her on the red carpet giving impromptu renditions of one her characters’ popular rap lines.  

Dentists Scare the Sh*t Out of Her


Credit: Late Show with David Letterman / Kenyetta Barbera / YouTube

She’s just like us when she says she’d rather jump out of a plane than visit the dentist. So she did just that. Watch her explain it to David Letterman.

She Gets Knocked Down, Pulls Herself Back Up. No F’n Sweat.

Jupiter in Leo. And I spread my wings. #janethevirgin #TODAYisAluckyDAY photo cred: #henriesteve A photo posted by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

Rodriguez worked a bunch of odd jobs before acting, including being a masseuse and also as nanny to a set of twins. And she wasn’t good at all of them. She eventually realized she wasn’t cut out to look after twins — she couldn’t tell them apart and was overfeeding one of them.

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She’s the Girl Next Door Living Her Dream

A moment behind the scenes of today’s cover shoot. #blessed #humbled #janethevirgin

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As a little girl, Rodriguez’s dream was to act every day of her life. With Jane the Virgin hitting its highest ratings after her Golden Globes win, her dream is now a reality. So what’s not to love about a girl that has worked her way up by keeping her priorities in perspective?

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