9 Better Ways to Handle Breakups

Homegirl's guide to breakups

Breakups suck that’s all there is to it, but we still gotta go through them so for those times when you have to put on your big girl chonies and move on, here’s how to channel you inner homegirl and handle it like the badass ruca that you are.

Make sure those eyebrows are on fleek.


You may not feel like talkin’, but you can say it all with the lift of an eyebrow.

Give yourself a minute.

?????? hair @hisvintagetouch

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No, for reals, you’re a person not some kind of a robot. You’re gonna get the feels, ni modo.

Ride it out.

Cholas in car

The only way out is through so buckle up because it’s not going to be a smooth ride, but with the help of your homegirls you’ll get through it.

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Get your grub on!

✨Taco Tuesday✨ w/ @ladydanger1 (?: @nataliagold Hair: @hisvintagetouch)

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That dicho, “Las penas con pan son menos” is around for a reason: there is comfort in good food.

Get your parranda on.

Grab some cheves with your bestie and work that ish out.

Live and learn.

Well said OG!! @comptondavid?????? #wordsofthewise #mividaloca #og #comptondave #truestory

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It didn’t work out, but you got some lessons out of it.

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Know your worth.

Chola versus Selena

That pendejo doesn’t even deserve you.

Keep it in perspective.

Well damn ??????? mi Vida es un #mazapan! #Mexicanjoke #mividaloca

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I know you feel like mierda, but this is not the end of your life.

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Take it easy.

You’re tender right now, don’t make any rash decisions you may live to regret.

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